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A quick look at K2 for '03

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Snow Conditions: Groomed, pow/crud, bumps
Days Used: about 3 runs per ski
My Ability: good
Years Skiing: 28
Avg Days per Year: 170
Me: 5'7" 170lbs

K2 has a couple new skis for next year. The one that I was most interested in was the Axis XP. It is a wider take on the Axis X Pro, and I belive replacing it. It comes in with a waist of 78cm, and plenty of metal induced beef. I took out the 174, and really enjoyed it. The XP is perhaps the perfect ski for the top of Mammoth. It plows through anything at speed, but will also do short turns, and bumps. This width was a bit of a gap in the K2 line for the last couple of years. The Enemy was similar at 75mm, but a twin tip that was often over looked for all mountain skiing, and not nearly as beefy, without metal. A very good expert ski for some one going fast on a big Western hill.

The Axis RX replaces the Machs. The longer lengths (174-18?) are for GS, while the short (150-167) ones are for SL. They come out of the Mach S mold, but use the Mach G construction and flex. My girlfriend and I both skied the 167, and it was lots of ski. Cara especially was pretty overgunned, and had much more fun on the ladies Spire that comes out of the same mold, and has metal, but is designed for someone smaller, and lighter. I really wish there had been a 160 or 150 to ski, as the 167 was too much ski. It definatly is damper, and more demanding than the Mach S. The bigger guys really liked this ski, especially in the 167 and 174. By the way, K2 will be putting vertical sidewall raceroom US made skis into select shops this year. We plan on carrying a couple big (208+?) Super Gs, and some SL, and GS. There was also a vertical sidewall XP that was 80mm underfoot, but only in a 18?cm size. Not too sure if that is a real retail ski anyway.

For fats, K2 has revamped the Launcher, adding Mod construction, and more lengths. That will get rid of the 15cm gap from 165 to 180. The new sizes will be along the 181, 174,167 kind of sizing. The Ak Enemy returns mostly unchanged, but with new graphics (still gothic, but now with a skull-rock on!)and still only in a 188. Of course, the 188 AK Enemy is really a 180 Launcher with a bit longer, turned up tail.
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I've yet to ski this years Mach S, but was very impressed with a demo of the Rossi Viper S I had a few weeks ago (albeit it was probably too long at 174). I'm essentially an East Coast groomed skier, about a level 8, and loved the energy and quickness of the Viper S. I think I'm willing to trade off a bit of versatility for that.

At 6 ft and 170 and assuming I like this years Mach S (which I hope to try within a few weeks), what characteristically would I notice as a difference between it and the newer version. Is it just a bit stiffer?
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Thanks for the review on the 03 K2 stuff.

Im trying to decide on some new equipment and am weighing out this years gear versus next year, comparing attributes and prices.

On the Axis RX that replaces the Mach S, so would it be quite a bit stiffer than the Mach S, since its using the Mach G flex pattern?

Im looking for a good bump ski, but something that can still do the whole mountain. I ski bumps 80% of the time, and ski the zipper line, not recreational bump technique.

Would you say that the Mach S is better than the new RX for this. Im 5'4" @ 165 lbs expert skier (hate using that term)..

I've tried the Viper S and really like it in a 167. Skis good, but when I flex it with my hand it is sooo stiff. Havent had a chance to demo the Mach S yet - how does it compare - not as good at speed, better, softer, ...

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Thanks for the review. The new Axis XP looks tempting.

On another note, I just saw your average days a year skiing of 170.

You Suck!!!

Warmest Regards,

Bandit Man
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Most excellent review dude!!! I'm stoked to see K2 go with a wider waist on the XP. What are the overall dimensions? I got sick of the 70mm waist on everything in the midfat range. Thanks again.
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if you are looking for a ski that can ski the zipper-line, and you ski bumps 80% of the time, you need a straight up bump ski. The k2 Mamba is an awesome ski built on a tradition of decent bump skis. After I spent most of this season on a pair of Merlin IV's in the bumps, I got my Mamba's back on Saturday, and let me tell you, within 2 or 3 runs I was ripping the zipper line far better than I could have imagined on my Merlins. If you don't like K2, Dynastar still makes the Assualt, and Salomon makes the 1080 Mogul, although I have heard that it skiis like a 2x4. If you are serios about skiing the zipper line a lot, you need a pair of bump skiis.
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does anyone know the weights of this years axxis x and the new k2's. trying to compare them to the rossi bandit xx and xxx. having a hard time choosing a new ski. thanks
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Heres a couple of websites that provide good feedback on a wide variety of skies.

I purchased a pair of Rossi, Bandit X's this year 184's. Great ski in all conditions.

Good luck.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>If you don't like K2, Dynastar still makes the Assualt, and Salomon makes the 1080 Mogul, although I have heard that it skiis like a 2x4. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

you have heard wrong. the 1080mogul is lightning quick edge to edge, as one would expect of a ski with such a narrow waist. it also has great rebound due, i guess, to it's wood core.

in the bumps, it just plain rocks - it inspires confidence and encourages you to push your limits. i actually preferred this ski to the mighty dynastar assault sup. it's lightweight and stable enough for landing tricks.

out of the bumps, the 1080's are great for short fall-line turns but obviously won't hold up in ultra-high-speed GS stuff. however, i couldn't care less about that since i ski the bumps 90% of the time anyway. and i have an all-mountain pair (atomic 9.22s) just in case.

you should try these skis.
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