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171 cm slalom? Why?

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What is the use of a 171cm slalom ski? Lengths made are 150, 157, 164, 171....
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are you thinking too long or too short?
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I'm thinking too long. According everything I read - especially here, 164cm is about the maximum worthwhile length for the new crop of slaloms. These lengths (150, 157, 164 and 171) are for the new Atomic slalom (replacing the 9.16 which came in 160, 170, 180cm lengths). What is the point of this length if anyone who knows what they are doing (apparently) won't go above 164?
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I've been looking at a bunch of these skis and have been advised not to go shorter than 167 on the Rossi Viper S (even though I skied and enjoyed it in a 174 last weekend)and even recommended to try the K2 Mach S in a 160.

I'm 6ft, 170 and an advanced intermediate, probably a low 8.
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Probly a 171 is for a really huge guy, or it is for all mountian use versus the race course. Although if i were to ski that ski all mountain id be on the 157, but some people refuse to go to a short ski, so atomic has that option for people. obviously it isnt the ideal length for the ski, but for atomic it is probably better to include a wide range of lengths so that the consumer can have what they want in the ski, and of course give their 700 big ones to atomic.
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If you are going to use a slalom ski more as an all mountain ski than a race ski then IMHO think that 170+ cm provides more versatility in western conditions. Maybe for the east coast it would on the longish side.

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If you check one of the other posts here, it was brought up that the longer SL skis are used by racers who don't specialize in slalom. The skis would be used only for slalom, but a shorter length would be to dramatic a change for someone use to longer DH skis. (think of the alpine combined.) Probably just a personal preference of these racers.
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Also some of us college racers cant afford to have both a slalom and a gs ski so many opt for the longer sl skis as they are stable in gs courses and rock out on the slaom courses. A good example of this is a 170cm atomic 9.16... it fits the bill nicely and will perform in both events well. Granted those who are determined to be higly competative will have both but it can be done with one pair only.
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Some high school racers and even some college girls will get on a longer sl ski for gs on tight, turny courses. That being said, an sl ski in a 171 would be good if you were looking to make easy work out of some longer turns, but weren't looking to be hitting mach 1. DH guys in the combined aren't really getting on anything that long for sl courses. It is a big jump for them though. If anyone saw the combined last wednesday night, one of the DH guys got on his tails and launched into the air and out of the course.
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my dad's an expert skier (grew up skiing in the alps every winter, lucky europeans!) and he's 205 cm tall (6'9"). He went with a 175 sl ski. Good thing they still offer them or he'd be on the equivilant of a skiblade.
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Also, I think the Expert Slaloms are shorter than and intermediate slalom overall. I ski on a 174 T-power Cobra X (2002). Im 185 lbs. In 2002 it also came in a 181cm. A longer slalom is more forgiving to fore/aft position, and more versatile all mountain. Unless you like being thrown in the back seat alot, longer is easier but trades off a little turn initiation speed. For those that dont race or only stay on course, but enjoy fast turns with alot of energy, they fit the bill nicely.
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The t-power cobra X came in a 181 because it isnt a slalom ski. It may have done short turns well but it is marketed as an all mountain carving ski. All rossignol slaom skis have an s following their name. ie) t power viper s and t power 9s deviator. the ones that have the x such as the 9x, the viper x, and the cobra x, are carving skis that are designed for longer GS style turns.
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I see, thanks for the info. Pretty logical. I knew that but for some reason It didnt come to mind when I was posting. I was interested in the Viper X about 5 years ago when I was told about the "x", "s" "v" designations. But I guess it got stored away along with the other garbage like how to play the original super mario bros blindfolded.
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