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Steamboat Feb. 7 - 17

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The 'boat has had over 200" so far this year so it was time for a return trip.  This trip will be in two parts since I've got a quick business fire drill in the middle, but holler if you're up here so we can do some turns.  Finndog's in town too (til about the 14th), but his new bionic parts are acting up...though if the big dump comes this weekend maybe the gears will start meshing again. 


Anyway, today was your typical 2" Steamboat day which meant 6-8" of the light stuff in the upper treed areas.  And nobody was in 'em - the locals weren't out probably in preparation for the 100th Winter Carnival.  The trees near Twilight looked like this mid-day with only my tracks in sight:



...and looking down - it's skiing great:

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Looks great. Keep those pics coming!

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It was great for a while this AM before those damn muscles in my ankle/shin that still haven't healed up side lined me. Seems like bumps are going to be Verboden for a while.  If we get some decent fresh to keep it soft, I will be back out Saturday or sunday.  Always fun skiing with Ira!  icon14.gif

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Started snowing yesterday morning so we decided to watch the Winter Carnival festivities downtown while it piles up at the mountain (15" on top and counting).  They cover the main street Lincoln ave. with several inches of snow and do all sorts of kids-on-ski's-pulled by-horse events.  Very folksy-western.


Ring toss:


Shovel pull:

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100th year of the Winterfest!  A fun day for sure, Skijoring, 3-legged races, shovel races and don't forget the donkey jumps. (skijoring and then going off a small jump).  Its true Americana at its finest.  Hundreds line Route 40,, which is main street.  They cover the street in snow for the festivities. 


Last night was the Lighted man and Fireworks featuring the Steamboat Sports program kids. Its a great show. The fireworks were about the best I have ever seen including a 24" shell that shoots up about 1500 feet before exploding into a sky-filling shower of gold. I have never seen such a huge shell. The kids ski down Howelson with flares, ski jump through a hoop of fire and of course the Lighted man ski's down lit up in LEDS now but still has roman candles shooting off his back.  Its just too much fun.  


Ira and I are about to hit the mountain and we will be posting up a different kind of report shortly! 

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Viva la fiesta!

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Looks like you guys know how to find some fun!

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Finn, hope your legs allowed you to get some turns today... damn today was goooood!! 

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Hey Tam, YES!  see TR coming up.  I will give you a call to meet up. 

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See thread at http://www.epicski.com/t/118082/steamboat-feb-10-just-another-day-at-the-boat-this-season-lots-of-pics for pics from yesterday (Ron and I were busy with our iPhone cameras).  Back in Denver for some business and will return to the 'boat later this week for hopefully another round of pow! 

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I was at Winterfest last year - pretty cool.

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The 2nd half of the trip is off to a great start - the 'boat now has gotten about 230" on the year.  See more pics at http://www.epicski.com/t/118285/yeah-another-powder-day-at-the-boat-lots-of-pics-will-it-ever-stop-snowing-here

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