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Banzai Kirkwood with Daron Rahlves - Must see!

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This is a good edit of the Kirkwood Rahlves Banzai.  

I've talked to some of the skiers who've done this in the past and have a tremendous amount of eek.gif at what it takes do this. 

Daron lays out a crazy good course. 



Shameless plug for Start Haus, who happens to be one of the many sponsors to make this happen. 

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Whoa, that is a wicked looking course, made even more so by the fact that whoever is alongside or just in front of you can wipe and take you with them.eek.gif

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^^ If you've never skied The Wall at Kirkwood, that video doesn't quite do justice to how difficult that starting point is going that fast.  Pretty nuts.


They'll be at Alpine Meadows this weekend.  Seeing how different skiers/riders handle The Face should be fun, as it was last year.  High risk / reward scenario for sure depending on how much speed you want to dump or maintain.

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Great course, great conditions, beautiful sun!!  Wow!

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Wow.....those kids rip.

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Nice--looks like a load of fun. 

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That line off the Wall is intimidating as you can look down about 1500 vert straight into Wagon Wheel between your skis.  Wow!

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I watched this thing last year, it is nuts. I think that at least one person in each race I saw went down. 


The crazies race there is the North American Freeskiing Championships where they race down the Cirque (by themselves of course)

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I skied the Alpine Meadows course first thing Saturday morning before qualifying, and while the course clearly softened up quite a bit later in the day, my jaw still dropped watching Daron Rahlves' POV run...





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We just posted some photos from Sunday of the Rahlves Banzai Tour at Alpine Meadows Sunday:



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Squaw this weekend......


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Article on Rahlves' Banzai from a participant...





2015 Banzai Tour schedule...


Alpine Meadows     February 21-22

Kirkwood               March 7-8

Sugar Bowl            March 14-15





Here are a couple vids from the Sugar Bowl Silver Belt race, which was the predecessor to Rahlves' Banzai.




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Banzai Kirkwood coming up this weekend!  ;-)




Here's vid from the Alpine Meadows stop...



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Got out to Kirkwood yesterday and checked out some of the Banzai qualifying runs - ballsy skiing, no doubt!. Was right beside the announcer at the entrance to the gully just over from top of The Reut chair, so audio is a little loud - mind your ears.  ;-)






Finals next weekend at Sugar Bowl with The Master himself!



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Sitting up on the nose watching this now
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Bet that was a damn good vantage point!  Take any pix/vids?


Bombing that run solo is crazy enough, but four at a time?  I'd say that qualifies as extreme!   ;-)

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No pics but yes its perfect...sit up on the rocks and drink a couple beers in the sun. Same spot for me every year. Course was extra firm and bumpy today!!!!

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