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End of Season Sales

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When exactly is the "end of season".  Looking to get some new skis.  Hoping to demo some different ones in the next month or so.  Would "end of the season" sales be starting in March, April?  Wondering if I waited and got a deal on a pair, could I squeeze them in this season in the spring.


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Lot's of manufactures have agreements that retailers cannot advertise below minimum advertised price before mid February.

End of season varies by location and by the type of season.  The Midwest will usually start blowing out gear early March and Colorado's usually at the end of March.

I've been at Snowbird at the end of April and they're not discounting much, while the shops in the valley are blowing it out.


I think you might start seeing some significant discounts online soon.

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Discounting vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and product to product. Example, Volkl is "going off MAP" on 2/10. Now this will not be for all products, items that are carrying over for 2014 like the V-Werks and some Marker bindings will keep the current pricing, but you will see discounting of some of the line of around 20% off of MAP which equates to 30-40% off of MSRP. 

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