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nordica 981

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I took a long hiatus from skiing and had a pair of Noridca 981s.  This is my second season back and I am having one of my best years ever.  I am 66, 6'3" and weigh about 230.  The last two times out I have found, after 1/2 day of skiing my boot has gotten loose even though I have them as tight as they can go.   The plastic is in great shape (I ski pretty hard) and I was wondering if there is a bladder, generic or otherwise, replacement that would allow me at least another year of use.  I am retired and am having to plan replacement of equipment.





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sounds like the boot shells are too big for you, and other liners will feel tight to start with, but any liner will pack out to the shell and foot shape


If you DO want to go with a new liner, try a HV intuition liner for $200 ish.


other options might exist to help you make the boot tighter, but see your local boot fitter (who can see your foot and the boot, and try some things with you)

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