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Google maps adds ski runs!

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I saw this blog on aussieskier's fb page and WOW.

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That's pretty cool. At the larger resorts where service is readily available, that'll be nice.

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I couldn't get it to work on my iPhone using the old Google Maps app, but it worked on my laptop.  The coverage for Squaw Valley is pretty good.  It's a little odd that it can't really mark "bowls", but just shows one path through the bowl.  Oh, well.  It's nice to see a trail map that's true to the geography.

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Waze needs to jump on board with this. That way we can alert other users to yard sales, gapers, and people stopping to look at their mobiles on the slopes. biggrin.gif

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They have had this at WB on google maps for years....pulled the camera around on a sled behind a snowmobile.

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