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Back from Stratton

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I am back from Stratton and have a lot I'd like to post, but I will have to wait a day or two. My specific focus was versatile skis for AVERAGE skiers - the two days I was there [at Stratton] produced some surprises, and some NOT surprises. More later.
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Oboe in the Banana Belt? You left the cozy confines of Northern Vermont to ski Stratton (of all places)? Can't wait for your report.
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yeah, how about that jamesd?

Oboe, did you get run over by any "I'm in a big hurry" New Yorkers? Last time I skied Stratton, 3 different skiers came so close to me that they literally skied over my tips or tails, without any "excuse me" or "sorry"

As I used to say about pushy crowds, I'd walk over you to see the Who!
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The occasion was on-snow demos by the manufacturers for the dealers, so on the second day of the event, I met very few non-demoing skiers or boarders. Virtually all of the participants were at least good skiers or boarders - some were awesome. The sight from the chairlift was great - skiers and boarders carving, not scraping, and at some very nice speeds, thank you. The only on snow mishap occurred when a boarder riding regular hit me from behind as he turned left and I turned right. Fortunately, I was moving along at a good clip, so the relative differences in speed were not great, and didn't even get to muss up my hair [love that helmet!] He apologized and said he just didn't see me - of COURSE, not, for $$*%@?^%# sake! Boarders don't have eyes in the backs of their heads, and they look mostly off to one side, straining just to look ahead. Anyway, although I was sick as a dog, I did go through the demos because this happens in the northeast but once a year. Ordinarily, I would not go to Stratton - over $60 for a ticket to ride, and the mountain is well ok but not something to bring me down to the banana belt. It was the demos that brung me, pure and simple. More later.
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