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Mt Bachelor in late March

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We are thinking of heading to Portland, OR for a week of some late season skiing.  We were thinking about Mt. Bachelor because neither of us have been there.


Supposedly they are not in spring hours until after the first of April so the entire resort should be open.   Does anyone know if we will be caught by their spring schedule at that time?  Ie.  limited lifts, hours and trails?


Is the mountain decent?  Will it be fun for both an expert and intermediate skier?


Anyone stayed at Old Mill Inn?  Does it look as good as the website says?


Anyone have any thoughts on what it might be like to ski Mt. Bachelor at this time of year?



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Was hoping a local would chime in. 


Recent trip report from a touristwink.gif, it's a beautiful place:


Spring is usually when Bachelor really shines.  Best chances for favorable weather for the summit to be open. 

See this report by snow expert Tony Crocker.  He rates Bachelor tops for late season snow conditions:

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I live in Portland and ski Bachelor a few times a year. The dcski trip report is an excellent portrait of the Mt Bachelor ski experience. I've had mid-winter powder days In late March and early April, just depends on the storm cycle. So you will either have spring skiing or full on winter. Either way Bachelor will still be at it's max base, should be plenty of coverage everywhere. If you are there on a storm day the Summit will be closed. Also the wind usually kicks in pretty good, especially on the west side of the mountain (Pine Marten, Outback, NW Express). If it gets to be too much just head over to Skyliner and the other chairs on the east side. For advanced skiing on the front side check out runs under the old red chair by Pine Marten and head skiers right off the Rainbow chair into trees, gullies and other natural features. It's not steep but it's a lot of fun. The Outback chair usually doesn't run mid-week, but all the terrain is accessible via NW Express. If NW Express is closed for some reason then Outabck will run.
I stayed at the Mill Inn a few years ago. It's a nice place, but kind of a do-it yourself B&B. When I went they sent me the code to get in and I didn't see anyone until the next morning. The breakfast was very good. It's not quite downtown nor in the Old Mill district, but within walking distance of both.
Oregon is a center of microbrewing and Bend is no exception. Deschutes brewing is the big dog there and has a great brew pub. Also check out the 10 Barrel brew pub. If you are into Thai food check out Noi, very good.
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