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Demo Binding toe plate detached

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Hi all,


I recently picked up a pair of ex-demo Rossi S7s in-resort in europe.  The skis came with Dynastar (LOOK) PX12 demo bindings.


On day 7 or 8 skiing them in Whistler, the toe piece and toe-plate of the binding slid off the front of the ski during a medium-speed turn/stop.  While I could slide this toe-plate back onto the ski I was unable to lock it in-place again.


After skiing other skis on the last day in-resort and travelling home, I have had a chance to look at the problematic toe-plate as well as removing the 'good' toe plate and comparing the two.


From a visual comparison there is a missing metal piece and spring on the broken toe-piece.   I would really appreciate advice as to whether it is possible to obtain spare parts for these bindings or whether I need to dump these bindings and buy new ones?


I can post pictures of the missing piece if required, but to try to clarify, it is the ONLY metal piece (and spring) visible when examining the bottom of the demo working binding toe-plate and it is completely missing on the broken toe-plate.


Thanks in advance



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FInd a good ski shop that will do the leg work for you. I know we have had several customers come in with stuff bought elsewhere and proceeded to get parts for and only charge labor for. A shop contacting their rep will probably be faster than you interfacing with look CS directly (which is just stupid). 

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I would completely agree that this is unquestionably the way to go, except that my home is in Dublin, Ireland, and hence my choices in ski-shops are extremely limited.


SKI-shops in resort (with respect to the many honourable exceptions) are often more interested in selling new kit or even selling the tuning service than in fixing the issue.   


As an example, without naming and shaming, the two ski-shops I brought the ski's to in Whistler both told me 'demo bindings wear out, here's some nice new bindings for those skis for $xxx'.   I was not convinced, especially given the fact that neither shop actually seemed particularly interested in looking at the bindings to see what had occurred.


it's unfortunate, but not everyone is in a position to build a relationship with a reliable and trusted retail skishop.


Any idea's on how to contact Look/Dynastar CS?

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In the interest of finishing the story and giving a 'shout out' to Dynastat CS, I thought I'd revive the thread a year later to update on the final outcome.

I eventually found a web-page that would allow me to raise a query to LOOK/Dynastar customer service and sent them details including pictures of the offending toe-plate and the missing spring.

I received, in June 2013 an email from"Hugh" a representative of AMG Group who handle Rossignol in the UK. He emailed me to say that he was organising a binding replacement but that he would normally ask me to bring the Ski to a ski-shop so that it could be fitted by an approved ski-tech.

Given that I was in Ireland he was happy to ship me the binding parts on the basis that I would bring the plate to a ski-shop to get it fitted. We agreed that I would go to the Dublin Branch of Snow and Rock who do have a trained ski-tech approved by Rossignol (or at least approved of by Hugh.

I then received the plates in the mail a few weeks later free of charge.

I'd like to thank Rossignol/Dynastar/Look for the customer service shown in this case, it was not the quickest response ever, but I'm very happy with the end result.
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