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Ski Make:
Ski Model: BetaCarve 10.16
Ski Length: 170, 180
Snow Conditions Used In: blue groomed, lite crud
Number of Days Used: 8
Your Ability: 6 or 7
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 2
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30-40
Other Skis You Like: Mod X
Your Height/Weight: 6' 175
Comments: This is the 1st and only Atomic I've skied and I rented it initially in a 170 just to get a feel for what the 9.12 might be like even though I knew the 180 was more my size. however I like short ski's and even ski the Axis X in a 174. Anyway, I love this ski, especially in the 170. It's the only ski I've tried--various salomons and the Axis--that will hold on the scraped off hard pack that boarders leave behind. Great edge grip. It's also very stable. It only wiggles a bit when I get sloppy with my technique but as long as I weight that outside ski it just keeps carving up to as fast as I want to go (20? 30? I'm not sure). It's alos very light; I barely know it's there and it sort of eggs me on to play around a bit, have fun. I had it in some very lite, very shallow 4-5" powder and it just hummed along. I even took it in the park and got a foot or 2 of air and it took it all in stride. but it's forte is carving the groomed and here its great. All that edge hold gives you the confidence to really lay it over and on edge it's the proverbial ginsu. It's also super quick edge to edge and very forgiving of mistakes. I've skied it from the rumble seat and it just keeps turning!! I just wish it had more sidecut to cut even sharper turns. I also skied the 180 and the main difference I saw was tanker-like stability. I scared myself on Showboat at Vail and even though I was everywhere from the frt seat to the rumble seat it just skimmed along enjoying the scenery. Also took the 180 in 8-10" of crud and it was stable and cruised along happily despite my awful tecnique. Problem is, the 180's just not as much fun as the 170. It's just not as light and manuverable IMHO; it just doesn't egg you on to have fun, it eggs you on to go faster, faster, faster. Several people have critisized Atomic's for their hollow feel but I like it. After the 10.16, salomons feel heavy and planky to me. I like the light but powerful feel of the Atomics. Now I can't wait to try the SL 9 though I suspect it will be a BIG step up. anyway hope this helps...