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Buying first pair of skis

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I am a new to skiing.  Excluding twice when I was 8 (i'm almost 20 now), I have skiied 4 times total (all this season).  I am looking to buy my first pair of skis and have a budget of ~$600 including bindings (will also be buying boots, I expect ~$400?).  I am a male, 5' 10" and 175 lbs.  I live on the east coast (Maryland) but my girlfriend goes to school in Montana so I'll probably ski some there too.  I estimate I spend 60-70% of my time on the slopes (blues and blacks) and 20-30% going off slope through the woods, and 10% in the terrain park.  I enjoy going fast and hitting all of the jumps, both man made jumps and the natural ones that are usually off to the side of the slopes.  I have no idea what I'm looking for in skis, but my friend who is a relatively advanced skier is impressed with how fast I'm improving. The first rentals I was given were 150's, since then I've gone all the way up to 175.  So far bigger has felt better, with the exception of when I tried the 165's my friend owns (they're actually sharpened and waxed, it was amazing).

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Welcome to EpicSki!  Did you go up to PA to ski?  I've heard Ski Center in DC is a good place to go for boots.


In general, it doesn't make too much sense to look for a ski that is good for mid-Atlantic conditions AND Montana.  Can get an all-mountain that isn't too wide underfoot that can be worth taking on a plane, but if you are lucky enough to hit a snowstorm then should budget for renting powder skis.


Keep in mind that a black run near MD is completely different from a black run in the Rockies.  Ratings are only relative to a given ski area.  Most mid-A blacks are easier than many blues out west, and much, much shorter.

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I've skiied Wisp twice, Seven Springs once, and Canaan valley once.  I'll check out Ski center DC.  My friend also recommended Princeton Sports (one in Baltimore and Columbia).  Anybody hear anything good about them?


Yeah, when I ski out west I'll definitely start with some greens and work my way up haha.


Well, since I'd only being skiing out west maybe twice a season, I guess I don't have to worry about it and should invest in a ski that will be great for east coast ice/hard pack/slush.  Planning on going to Killington sometime, too.

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Check out this recent thread.  Several people recommended Ski Center.  Princeton was mentioned too.



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Thanks, that thread was helpful.  Ski center seems to be the more commonly recommended so I'll try it first.


As for skis, here are some of the skis I've seen recommended for people with similar needs as myself.


Nordica Firearrow 80

Nordica Steadfast

Salomon Lord

Line Prophet 90


Are these along the lines I need or did I interpret things completely wrong?  Hoping to demo some over the next couple weeks.

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