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New Back Country Skier

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Hi, everyone. I wanted to get into the online ski community, so I found myself here. I ski back country areas of the Lincoln Nat'l Forest east of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Sadly, the season has been mediocre at best. If not for shade, the snow would be long gone already, but what's there is pretty well crusted over. A few inches of powder makes all the difference.


So I experienced a pretty epic crash yesterday, but it didn't slow me down. Later, in a mild fall I seemed to have pulled a muscle in my neck, so I'm relaxing today in order to better enjoy tomorrow. I also noticed a little de-lamination on one of my vintage Rossi LTDs, so I decided today to polish up my cast aluminum bindings and mount them on a half decent pair of 195cm Stratos. All my stuff is vintage. Aside from being cheap and easily replaced, I've found I don't care much for shaped skis. I'm still a beginner at this point, but there's a recent pair of 195cm Salomons in the corner waiting for the next step.


I'm going to get back to wet sanding here, I've found these old LOOK bindings take a mirror finish with little effort, and they look great on the old Stratos. I look forward to discussion when I'm not out on the slopes.

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Couldn't find the edit button. I suppose I'd ought to clarify, I'm the back country slope searcher on alpine skis. XC equipment is in the future, but for now, I've got to settle for a little "weee" and a lot of walk. I've become comfortable using the herringbone climb and skating across the flats. This last run, the only time my skis came off was when I hit the ground. Before, I'd unclip and hike my way back to the top.


It gets easier every time, and it's always a blast.

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Welcome to the sport and the forum, Strato-Crash.


Sounds like your gear is older than I am.  Which is saying something.  ;)

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Well, I skied the Stratos, and they were great. Not nearly as light as the LTDs, but I'm afraid they're going to collect dust for two reasons. One, the trails are all frozen over, and ice is just no fun. Otherwise, I picked up some nordic boots and skis, and after much falling down, I'm really enjoying cross country. I took a long walk down the trail, far beyond where I've been cutting lines down the side of the canyon, and really enjoyed the mobility. I believe it's far more practical given the setting, and with every day spent on them, I get a little better at taking the down hill runs.


On account of my large feet, which really aren't that big, I was only able to find a pair of touring boots that fit. Meanwhile, my girlfriend is learning on back country equipment, and I've got the ski envy big time. I'm getting the hang of balancing, and lining my foot back up on the ski, but I feel the BC boots and bindings are a lot more stable, and should yield more control.


She, on the other hand, is having a hard time, and falling a lot. When I get home, (hopefully after a good snow) I'm going to put her on my alpine equipment to teach her the basics of control. I've only had two days on nordic skis, but I feel the previous alpine experience really prepared me for it.


Ugh, a week of work in the desert. I sure hope they get some decent snowfall back there while I'm gone.

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