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Five Rossis New For '02-'03

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Snow Conditions: Nice Groomed packed powder, and a fun mogul run
Days Used: About 3 runs per ski
My Ability: good
Years Skiing: 28
Avg Days per season: 170
Height: 5'7" 170 lbs

I skied a bit of next season's Rossi line at a secret Eastside hill today. The big news for Rossi is the RPMs. There are two of them, and they come out of the Bandit X, and XX molds. The RPMs are beefier, and come with a built in plate, predrilled for Rossi bindings. I skied the X before skiing the RPM 17, and the XX before skiing the RPM 21. I really like this years Bandits, and still do, but the RPMs certainly will please those who wanted more race like performance on the groomed. I skiied the X, XX, and RPM 17 in a 170, and the RPM 21 in a 177. The integrated lifter made a noticable difference in responsiveness, and added quite a bit of pop, but did want a bit of speed before it was happy. The 177 RPM 21 was super stable, and seemed to thrive on speed, it was ok in the bumps, but I think it would really shine in high speed crud busting. The 17 felt like a souped up X, and better for carved short turns than the 21. Overall, I thought that the RPMs added some real guts to the already solid Rossi line.

I also skied next years 9x and 9s. I took out the 150 9s, and had a blast. I don't know if this version is FIS legal anymore, but it sure is fun. Skiing these confirmed a couple of things I already belived. First, my quiver is incomplete without a shortie slalom. Second, wide stance is the only way to get all you can from a shaped ski (most of the time, god that argument is lame). These little skis were pretty wild. Total carved turns of any size were possible, including short ones at rather scary speeds. Bumps were a total hoot, but I had to change my usual quick pivots down the rut line technique. I kept my stance open, and used the shape of the bumps to carve round turns; a really fun way to ski moguls. The only downsides to the 9s would be; it does not ski like a mid fat in pow (duh! it's a 150 sl), and you can really load it up, and it can be hard to recover on a 150, there just is not much ski. The 9x is FIS legal, and I belive had a very blunt 91 mm tip. I skied the 174, and it felt very Super G. I could really get in to trouble on the 9x. I thought the RPMs were really stable at speed, but the 9x was crazy. I don't think I have gone that fast since I sold my 208 Black Smoke Super Gs. Rock solid, but really prefers gs/sg turns. It was ok in the bumps, but what did you expect it's a race GS, pure and simple.

I also skied the Viper S, same as this year's, but new paint. This is my favorite Rossi by far. The 160 is perfect for me. It rips carved turns of all sizes, at any speed, but will obediently skid if you desire. It has tons of pop, and makes groomed runs more fun than any other ski I have ever been on. It is also a superb mogul ski. It did not demand a certain technique or line, like the 150 9s. It could slither down the zipper line with ease, or carve a rounder turn. A great ski for anything, as long as it's not too deep.

Well there you have it. Stay tuned next week for K2, Volkl, Atomic, and maybe a few randoms. I did not get a chance to ski the Scratch, or Scratch BC but I did get to watch Tanner Hall and Evan Raps (I think) pulling insane airs on them all day long. I will try to ski them next week.
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thanks for the excellent reviews Spinheli; looking forward to atomic, K2 etc. One question: how does the viper S compare to the K2 Mach S?
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The Viper S is very similar to the Mach S, but I have not skied the Mach S since last spring, and then only in a 167. I will probably take out a pair of 160s this week though. The graphics on the RPMs are very motocross inspired. It is a look that could grow on you, and I feel very appropriate for the RPM skier. The coolest graphics by far are on the Scratch, with the profile of a naked lady on a cold day.
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I'm going to demo the Viper S this weekend, should be a good complement to my new Soft boots, and I'm wondering what size would be best. I'm 6ft and 170 -- I think the shop has them in a 174, would that work well or should they be shorter?
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Thanks to all that took the time to reply to my posts. I decided on the Rossi Viper S. I'm happy with my choice and am excited to try them out at Tremblant in a couple of days!
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Thanks. I think I'll hold off on them until I can get on something in the 160's.
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They Have the new Rossignol Scratch BC and Scratch F S at skiershop.com They look like they would be a fun ride.
Spin any word on New K2's? looking forward to more reports on the new gear.

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ski: rossi rpm21
length: 177
me: 5'11" 170, good skier
mtn: stowe, windy and scratchy

never a huge fan of the bandit xx b/c it felt like it lacked guts or something, but i tried out the rpm and found it more agreeable. i skied mostly fast groomers (ice) and some bumps/trees. at speed, they felt comfortable and lively w/ some snap, nice for a wider ski. they also ripped off short turns quite nicely. in the trees, they were ok, but not as resposive as i'd like at slower speeds. in the bumps, again, ok, but a bit stiff for the rock hard bumps on that day.

all in all a fun ski for an eastern speed junky who wants to ski some crud/powder at their home mountain or out west when they go.
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