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Alta long term plans...

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Alta recently submitted their list of long term wishes to the forest service.  Some of them are minor, some pretty major changes.  Personally I don't see anything I oppose, although the Grizzly lift will certainly produce some yelling from some folks.


At the bottom of this page is a link to the PDF listing the requests:



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Good to see there are no plans to change their position on boarders.

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Originally Posted by cjb View Post

Good to see there are no plans to change their position on boarders.


Their right to do what they want. But it is a pretty funny position for the rudest place I've ever skied in my life to hold onto.


Don't get me wrong. Great skiing. Happy to go back under the right conditions. Just saying that the rudeness and dangerous behavior on the traverses is off the scale. IMO, any objective observer quickly realizes the boarder ban is all about marketing to the GOM crowd.

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I went to Alta for the first time last year. Wonderful place (the only tiny bit of rudeness I encountered was indeed on a traverse!!).


Interesting stuff. They do need more rooms up there to compete, so adding rooms would be a good idea. The lift linking Sugarloaf/Collins drop off points is also a good idea. Making everything highspeed would be pretty much perfect. I plan on going back next March, hopefully they've done a lot of this by then....but I'm guessing it's still a pretty long term plan.

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Oh and the possible Tram to the top of Baldy must be every expert skier's dream come true (I'm no expert though, I won't be using it!)

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Funny about the comments of the behavior of folks on the traverse. I love Alta but i have DEFINITELY encountered that.  What is up with that? Had a buddy lose on a ski on high traverse a few years ago in an awkward spot.  Between the rocks and some other obstacles, combined with the steepness of the pitch it took him some time to work his way to his ski.  All the while he was getting f-bombs and heckled to "get the F@#$@ out of the way of the traverse.  It was disappointing to encounter that in a place so beautiful.  I can't remember running across similar behavior anywhere else in all my years of skiing. 

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Some good and bad ideas in there.



1. elimination of EBT by adding a short lift up to Collins Pass. No brainer. Eliminate the EBT closures on high wind days.

2. Elimination of cat track cutting High Rustler in 3 sections. There wouldn't be a green down the collins side, but I don't see that as a problem. Alta has plenty of green on the albion side.



1. Don't like the idea of Wildcat lift upgraded. Love the 2 seater and that eliminates alot of traffic on that side.

2. I'm not sure how I feel about grizzly gulch lift. If Utah is going to interconnect all the areas, that is the smart place for a lift out of LCC, but that is very popular backcountry area that shouldn't be disturbed. We hike up there alot in the summer.


Tram to baldy would be interesting. Not sure how much it would be open due to wind.


In general, Alta needs to continue the policy of making it hard to get to good terrain (traverses and/or hiking) so the snow stays better longer.

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