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Im a 5'5 male who is looking to purchase my first pair of skis. Im around 115 pounds and was wondering what you would recommend for me. I dont want to spend to much money, but I do want good skis. I have been considering Head Peak 74, Atomic Looper and Ive even been looking into Paul Franks. I like speed when I ski and enjoy hitting a jump every now and then. 

Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.


Also, I have been looking at Level Nine sports website and was wondering if this site is legit/good to deal with. 



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Welcome to EpicSki.  We could use a bit more information so we can make reasonable recommendations.  First of all, do you have your own boots?  Boots are the foundation of everything else and need to fit your feet as closely as is possible.  If you don't have your own boots yet that is where you need to start and you should get them from a speciality ski shop that has someone who knows how to fit boots.  Places like Sports Authority are not where you need to go.  Beyond that, where do you normally ski and are you a beginner, intermediate or what?  And Level Nine is a reputable online seller, however most of us here don't recommend buying skis online unless you have absolutely no alternative. We need the local shops to stay in business for a lot of reasons including after sale service and you can usually find deals locally that are just about as good as buying online once you add in the usual $30 for shipping skis.

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Hey, I got boots to other day, I got a Head RDs. I totally get buying in a local store, but Im located in a very small town in canada and we dont have any shops here. I would definitely be buying there if I could. I am an intermediate-advanced intermediate skier and I ski alot, Im just tired of the rental fees the slopes charge (really adds up quick).

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So where in Canada do you ski because that makes a big difference in the kind of ski that will work best for you?

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I ski in East Coast, so like White Hills Marble, but I also travel alot so I like Montreal, and Ontario.

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You want good skis but you don't want to spend much to get them.  Your best bet is to look for some used skis.  A lot of shops that are located at ski areas have skis for sale that belong to the instructors or patrollers and are usually a good source of higher quality skis at reasonable prices.  You can also look on eBay.  Being in the western US, carving skis like the ones you mention are not something I'm terribly familiar with.  Hopefully someone who skis in the east will chime in here.

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