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Buy ing tomorrow --Atomics off my list

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Just returned from my local ski store's 50% off sale. Talked for a long time with the owner and he's steering me away from Atomics. He said that the Rossi Viper S or X , the Salomon Cross Max 8, the Head Cyber Worldcup, the Head Cyber XP 60 or 70 all would be a better choice for me than the Atomic 9.18's. Of the ones that he mentioned, he seemed to prefer the Rossignols.
I'm a 6'1", 210lb upper intermediate Eastern skier that likes the speed of my K2 Threes, but would like an easier turning, less fatiguing ski. Is the owner making sense, and, if he is, which ski would you recommend?
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The two Vipers listed are mainly groomer skis. If you are planning to spend a good deal of time skiing off piste look elsewhere. Both Vipers are great skis. I own the Viper X PPS in a 181 & its an amazingly versital ski. I can't say enough about it. It does high speed GS turns & moguls equally well. If you want something to ski fast on consider it. I would look at a 181 or 188.

The Viper S is more oriented to short turns. It is easier to turn & more forgiving. If you don't plan on skiing real fast it would be a good choice, also. It is also considerably less than the Viper X in price.
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The 9.18 is basically an intermediate ski.
Atomic and others have a lot of skis that may be more suited to your ability and terrain preferences. I'm a Fischer fan myself but don't dismiss Atomic or any other make or ski model until you first correlate what's available with your true abilities and preferences.

To me you are a prime candidate for demoing before you make up your mind.
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I skied the the Head XP 60 and 80 and found them impossible to skid or 'scarve' smoothly; they hopped instead. Maybe it was a tune issue--rentals, but they seemed new-- or a technique problem (although I had no problem skidding the salomon 2v race ski) but it sure made for a lot of work. They seem to ONLY want to carve big turns. I'd try before I buy...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Atomics I've tried: the 10.16 BetaCarve. Worth paying a little more for IMHO. I'll post a review tomorrw
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A friend said that he thought that the Dynastar Autodrive Speed SX would be better for me than any of the skis the ski shop owner recommended. Any comment on this?
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Thanks to all that took the time to reply to my posts. I decided on the Rossi Viper S. I'm happy with my choice and am excited to try them out at Tremblant in a couple of days!
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Try Dynastar's SpeedCarve it's a fun ski.
Wish it had the same feel with Volkl's edge_hold

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A 50% of sale you say.........Boy is that tempting
whats the name and Phone Number of that shop?
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Schuss Ski & Bicycle Shop
811 Black River Blvd N
Rome, NY 13440
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