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Hi Everyone, 

 I'm having a problem with my new K2 2013 Superific Skis and I wanted to get some advice. I got these skis in Dec as a christmas gift and I've only taken them on the slopes for 2 trips. I'm a novice-intermediate skier who's been on the mountain 8 days total this year. I would probably say I am a pretty easy skier. I mainly stick to groom runs that are blues. 


I've loved how the Superific rides but after coming back from my trip last night, I was shocked to see that on all 4 sides on my ski, the ski looks like its cracking! I called K2 today and they told me to bring it to Any Mountain and Any Mountain would take a look at it and see what can be done. The manager at Any Mountain told me that basically the graphics is what's cracking and the top coats are fine. He basically told me there was nothing wrong with the ski and I should just keep using it. I wasn't too happy with this response and asked him to speak to the K2 rep about this and see what can be done for the skis under warranty. 


While, I can understand that it might only be a cosmetic damage but considering that these skis are brand new and cost $600, I would have expected much better quality from K2. I believe that since there is cracking showing on all 4 front edge designs, this is a manufacturer defect in the way K2 is putting the graphics on their skis? I am by no means an expert on skis so I wanted to ask for some advice here on what you guys think.