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Slalom FIS Skis for Adaptive Racer

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I'm an adaptive ski racer... returning to the sport after almost 20 years and an amputation (left, below knee). I ski two-track (2 skis) with a ski prosthetic and I'm holding my own. Most people don't realize I'm an amputee on the hill unless I say something or when we are back in the chalet. They are taking off their boots; I'm taking of my boots and leg!


I am skiing the Volkl Racetiger GS for my FIS giant slalom set. I like them. I am looking for recommendations on a FIS slalom ski set. I ski in local Nastar events, but I also am fortunate to work with some adaptive coaches and teams that get me to some IPC / NORAM races.


I've been researching locally with coaches and teammates... and research online. I'm open minded to suggestions, but I have been looking at the Atomic FIS SLs and the Blizzard Magnesium FIS. Quite a few people have pointed me to the Fischer RC4 WC FIS SL.


I'm 42 and a large guy at about 6'4 and just over 250 lbs. I also ski fairly aggressively. I am looking for a stiff ski that I wont' overpower and that I can pressure and work in a variety of turn shapes - with plenty of energy to help with extra "pop!" With my prosthetic side, that extra pop helps.


I'm also wondering if I should trend above the 165 cm that it seems like every racer I know (adaptive and able-bodied) is on. I have seen a few 170 cm options... wondering if I should head north of 165 due to my height and weight.


I've read several good reviews from "large" guys on this forum about the Blizzard... Some on the Atomic too.


Also... I'm behind on my ski technology. Is the double-deck / full suspension on the Atomic and the 2013 Blizzard worth it? Or, in my case would it hinder/help? I've read both sides of the story. I've recently read some reviews that some think the Atomic without suspension is snappier.


Thanks for any advice. I'm thrilled to be back racing and skiing again. I like reading these forums... lots of interesting posts and discussions. I pick up a lot here.

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Welcome to Epic.  You will find there is a small core of racers around here.  Here are some initial thoughts based on my experiences  and hopefully some others will also chime in


The Atomic FIS slalom does not now have the double deck.  User feedback is that it is definitely snappier without the double deck (the DD was removed because people were finding it too dead) . So  If you are looking for good pop the Atomic is a good start.  The 2012 Blizzard is also an excellent ski with lots of pop.  Haven't tried the 2013 with the "power plate" but when Blizzard put something similar on the 2012 GS  it made the ski deader than the 2011.  I am always underwhelmed by the Fischer slalom, again kind of a dead feeling IMHO.  Pick of the crop at the moment based on my experience is the Dynastar/Rossi slalom, an opinion also backed up by some of my race buddies who have switched to it. So, my suggestion would be Rossi/dynastar, closely followed by Atomic/Blizzard (and i believe the current Nordica is very similar to the Blizzard but have not skied it).  For reference I currently  race on the Dynastar SL and also have  the 2012 Blizzard.  I have previously owned/raced on the Atomic D2 SL, Fischer WC SL and 2010 and 2011 Blizzard SL. (I have no real brand loyalty and typically ski different brands for GS and Sl !!!)


Anything above 165 is not a FIS slalom and will not have the same level of performance. The 170s you are seeing are "slalom cut" consumer skis and I would not recommend them for serious racing.


Good luck!

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Great feedback! Thanks for your detailed reply. Good info. I found a 2011 Blizzard on Ebay... the price is right. Might go that route.
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After final discussions, pricing, and availability... pulled the trigger on the Rossi World Cup SL today. Looking forward to racing next week. Thanks again!
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