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Ski Make:Atomic
Ski Model:Betaride 10.20
Ski Length:180
Boots: Rossignol Soft 1
Snow Conditions Used In:hard pack, packed powder
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability:7-8 (Advanced intermediate)
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:last few years 0, hopefully 10-15
Other Skis You Like:Volkl Vertigo G3/Motion,Motion Carver, Rossi Bandit X, K2 Axis X (see below -- not yet skiied, but I think I'll like 'em)
Your Height/Weight:6ft/170

This was my first day back on skis after a 3 year hiatus (a minor side effect of two young kids) and started off by replacing my outdated equipment. I got some new boots -- Rossignol Soft 1-- properly fit and with custom footbeds. Since there are a wide variety of skis that I'm considering, I decided that demoing for a while was the way to go.

First the boots. I'd done a lot of research on boots, and although there seem to be a lot of doubting thomas's about the newfangled soft boot stuff, I also read a lot of good things. After trying a variety of boots, including Rossignols and Technicas, these seem to provide the best fit and met my criteria. I wanted a comfortable boot that would let me be moderately aggresive and take advantage of the new shaped skis. With my old Nordica NR 781 I would tighten and crank them down at the top of the run and loosen them up at the bottom - ouch! I tend to stick mostly to groomed runs, although I do like steeps and some glades, just not big on bumps for now. After one day out (I know its not much, but its a start) these boots live up to their billing. I buckled them down in the AM, not too tight but nice and snug, and was able to leave them buckled all day (with a minor tightening in the afternoon) without any discomfort. I found that I had great ski control, my legs felt less fatigued than I remember in the past, and my feet stayed nice and warm. I guess that even though I'm not a doctor a lawyer, I fall right into the target market for these boots -- a concern for comfort, yet not lacking the performance when I need it. Also had a nice new pair of Rohner thermal socks on. Thin and warm, I would recommend them.

Now the skis. I'm coming from a pair of 205 straight K2's, so this was my first real adventure with shaped skis. Consistent with many of the reviews I read here, these were a very fun pair of skis. In pretty decent conditions --- a mix of groomed granular, packed powder and some fresh snow (it snowed all day) these skis felt totally at home wherever I went. They seemed more comfortable with medium and longer turns, held their edges anywhere and everywhere, and seemed to have no perceptable speed limit that I could hit. They seemed fairly forgiving, as I said it was the first time on skis in 3 years, first time on shaped skis, and certainly pretty rusty technique. Stable in varied conditions is a good word to describe them.

I apologize I can't put this in some of the more technical terms that others do, but suffice it to say I liked them. Other skis in my demo wish list include Volkl Vertigo G3/Motion, Carver Motion, Rossi Bandit X, K2 Axis X. More info to come....

If there are any questions, or if I've omitted anything in my first official review here, please let me know.

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