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2013 Stoke

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Jeezus, people, do I have to do everything around here????????















Also, a fun little vid from some gals who got stuck behind a freeway closure and ended up crashing at our house.  We sent them out with the snowmobile the next day to see what they could find.  Freshies, obviously.  I was bummed I was committed to desk duty.


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That's right Sue!

Nice video and music. What beautiful country that is, especially when dusted and painted with snow.

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Didn't they do a nice job with that?  They caught it on a good day, too.  Sketchy slide-wise but the meadow skipping was obviously stellar.  Nice ladies, it was fun to have them visit.

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They did. I think a lot of it is because the pov is more about the landscape than the skier's radness. And pov pulled by snowmobile was great.

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I've not been taking many photos recently, but will post 'em up when I do.  Thanks for sharing - looks like you're having a lot of fun out there!

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Originally Posted by anrothar View Post

Some more from last weekends overnighter at the Serenity Falls hut near the base of Eklutna Glacier.





Love those two shots! What an amazing area.

That's in the Chugach?


Should put them in picture of the day thread.

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I've posted up some photos from this week's adventures on my blahg...


Not much in the way of ski stoke but some very pretty country.


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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

Love those two shots! What an amazing area.

That's in the Chugach?


Should put them in picture of the day thread.

Thanks! Eklutna Lake is about a 35 mile drive north from downtown Anchorage, in the Chugach.It's a really gorgeous area and an easy, 10-12 mile ski in to the cabin. Really easy access to glaciers and icefields from the cabin as well, if you know how to travel on such things.

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Not many posts in this thread.  I don't know if this counts, but I had my first skinning experience in Gulmarg (in the Indian state of Kashmir)  a few weeks ago.  I can't seem to get around to the trip report, but perhaps a couple of pictures of one of the most incredible morning's I've had in the mountains will do.  The context is that this was the first morning after a 2 day storm that left nearly 50 inches of snow on the upper mountain.  Gulmarg doesn't get that many storms, but when it storms, it generally leaves feet of snow.  This morning we skinned up Monkey Hill waiting for the gondola to open.  It was perfect:  about 28 degrees, bluebird, and incredible early morning light.  Here's the first pic:



This was at the bottom of the skin.  It's a pretty short skin, maybe only 500 vertical feet, but pretty low angle.  It accesses short but steep tree skiing.  Here's another pic:




That's Mount Aphrawet.  It's about 4,000 vertical feet above where the photo was taken, and virtually everthing you see in the photo is backcountry skiing.  There is a 2 stage gondola that takes you to the top.  This is only about half of the ridge line, which is nearly 5 miles long.  The high point is about a 800 ft skin or bootpack from the top of the gondola.


Here's one last photo:



That's a member of my party below.  This skin was a surreal experience.  It was so beautiful I couldn't imagine wanting to be anywhere else.  And the skin up was almost better than the ski down.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy.



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That's amazing! India??

Yes, we need a trip report. At least the basics with some photos. Doesn't have to be a novel.

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Pretty amazing place Gulmarg.  And IRCC there is a cross country course around the golf course.  A couple of yeasr ago I hiked a good chunk of Aphawat from the top of stage 1 following a storm as a base inspection by military brass meant the mountain safety crew could get hold of explosives for avy control (Gulmarg is very close to the line of control between Kashmir and Pakistan and a few battles have been fough over the area).

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Yea, the golf course has a couple of Poma lifts.  There were what appeared to be hundreds if not thousands of Indians learning to ski on the low angle terrain there.


Brian Newsome, a Coloradoan (who actually lives only a few miles from me) was hired a couple of years ago to establish a professional ski patrol.  He had to get explosives for avalanche control from the Indian army.  Interesting that there are 700,000 troops in Kashmir.  There is a very small portion of the ridge that is controlled; the vast majority is not.  But if they can't do avalanche control or believe things need to settle down, they won't run the second stage of the gondola (which gains 3,000 feet).  Last year after a big storm, the army refused to give ski patrol any explosives unless they would bomb the chute above the High Altitude Warfare School, a base where a massive avalanche buried 70 soldiers and killed 14 several years ago.  Brian didn't have the resources to safely do so, but offered to bomb the chute from a helicopter if the army would supply one.  The army said they had no pilots trained to fly with explosives(!), so an Indian standoff ensued.  The guests were really frustrated, and many started to leave, which led to complaints from the hotel owners to the Kashmiri Minister for Tourism.  Needless to say, political pressure was applied, and this year Brian is able to get explosives from a commercial source.  As far as I know, there have been no closures of the second stage this year because of a lack of explosives, which was a regular occurrence previously.  Certainly there weren't before or while I was there.


BTW, they installed a chair above Stage I of the Gondola that gets perhaps 1000 vertical feet.  Last year, during the standoff, some of my group skinned from the top of the chair to the top of the mountain, a shorter skin than you had.  There were quite a few of the remaining guests who did as well.  The rewards are pretty incredible!



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Me, somewhere in northern New Mexico yesterday:
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Yesterday near Santa Fe:

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Nice Bob!  I put together a video from all the great spring riding I've been fortunate to experience.


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Originally Posted by killclimbz View Post

I put together a video from all the great spring riding I've been fortunate to experience.

Bump for stoke...and the hilarious wreck at the beginning. Those're some fine conditions.
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Glad ya liked it!smile.gif

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