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ski rentals Snowbird?

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Anyone have a recommendation for a ski rental shop? We're staying at Cliff Lodge 1st week of March.

I own some Atomic skis but the lady at my local shop said it was a bit thin underfoot and I should get some rocker skis. My Atomics are not rocker.


Anyway, I tried some Salomon skis at Canyons Resort over MLK and thought they were pretty good. Maybe it was the placebo affect or something, but who knows if it was really the skis. I ended up with a bit of a shorter ski than my own skis.


So, I want to try some skis out at Snowbird. Does anyone have experience renting there? I do want a place that is easy to get to. I've never been to Snowbird. Also, I imagine that if we get a huge dump when we're there, they would be able to swap out one ski for another (wider I'm guessing?). Also, I'd look for the place to have good employees as I'm somewhat at their mercy with recommendations.


I was recommended Blizzard Skis and don't know if any shop carries them as demos. I know i should get the performance skis and not the regular skis when I rent.


Thanks for your advice!

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You can't get more convenient than Christy Sports right on the tram deck. They have everything from performance through demo packages. And, if you make a reservation ahead of time via their website you get a significant discount.
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There's also a shop right in the Cliff, but you'd have to ride Chickadee to swap out skis.

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