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Volkl P50 Motion or P50 Platinum?

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I demoed the P50 Motion ski and loved it. I have been trying to find a P50
platinum to demo, but have not had any luck. I would be interested in the
opinions of others who have on skied both. Did you find that one had a
larger sweet spot, made quicker turns, etc. Thanks in advance for sharing
your experiences.
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I own, and skied the P50 motion for a few days now. It is based on the P50 Platinum, with brownisher paint, and the integrated rails on which a Marker Titanium 1200 binding slides.
There is one particular characteristic i found on the P50 motion of which i am not sure if you can get it out of the P50 with conventional bindings (or any other ski with conventional bindings (of which i have and demoed many), or in other words, a characteristic which i think is a characteristic of the motion system's rails): I am able to very easily apply edge pressure at the heel/pad level as opposed to just bare foot pressure. I like that a LOT. I do NOT like the fact that i am "married" to the selection of Marker bindings sliding on the rails. The factory-installed Titanium 1200 does not keep up with the performance of the P50. My DIN setting is ca. 7, which works fine for me at the toe piece (comment on that: some folks appearently have problems with boot fit there, resulting in pre-releases and broken metal plates, so make sure you bring your boots when you buy to give that a check), but which is too low in the back when i try to slam-dunk a bump section. The 1200 IMHO is a NoNo for big guys (200lbs+), because they propably do not have the option to crank it up to a sufficient level if they like.
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Hey guys, in Europe there is a Volkl P50 RC Energy, which is essentially a detuned P50 F1. Is this marketed as either of the two you are discussing or is it a different ski altogether?
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Sounds close to the Platinum. The platinum is classified as Volkl's "recreational" race GS. It has the same turn radius as the F1, but softer.
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I'm pretty sure that the RC has a wider tail than the F1. It seems to be a very popular ski over there. I wonder why it's not sold in the US.
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Last year the P40 F1 & Platinum shared the same sidecut. The P40 RC (orange & black model) had a different sidecut (narrower waist - 63 vs. 65 - and slightly wider tail) and was not readily available in the U.S. (although it can be found on some clearance racks now). This year, the P50 Platinum does not share the same sidecut as the P50 F1 and is closer to the sidecut of last year's P40 RC. Don't know if the P50 Platinum is the same ski or shares sidecut dimensions with the P50 RC. Again, the RC doesn't seem to be available much around the U.S. It sounds like the RC and the Platinum are marketed towards the same niche - high end GS-type carvers, one step below a "race" ski.
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