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Is Sunny Sports out of NYC a legit company?

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They have some crazy pricing.


Anybody purchased from them?

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If it looks to good to be true, it most likely isn't true.  In the photographic market, there are several sleazy places located in Brooklyn that advertise high end camera bodies at outrageously low prices then try to get the buyer to add all sorts of other things to pump up the price.  If the buyer holds firm, the item is suddenly out of stock or it just never ships.  What they do actually have is almost always grey market and not warranted by Nikon, Canon, etc.  So, beware.

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I just looked at their website and didn't see anything unusual about their pricing.  Unless there is more than one Sunny Sports in NYC.

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You Google for unhappy customer service ???


Their yelp reviews don't seem too bad ....


but only 4 of em ....

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Yeah, i did some checking around and they got some decent reviews....nothing outradeously bad.


and perhaps i overestimated their prices....they tend to be cheap but are just enough to seem reasonably possible.


I'm looking at the Marmot Shadow jacket for like $170, and other places have it for $230, or even over $300.


I think they tend to sell older models of things, so you have to watch for that.


tough call.....seems ok, but you never can tell

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Return policy seems fair, you get to pay for shipping back


If it's in a color and size you like buy it with a credit card


That way at least you have some protection on the purchase

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They have amazing reviews on review site






they also offer guranteed fit program called PFF - in case it doesn't fit


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I've been very happy with my purchases from Sunny Sports.  Purchased a Mountain Hardwear Nitrous down sweater for a killer deal.  My dad just ordered a vest from them and wasn't happy with the fit.  Returned it and was exchanged for a different size, no problem.  Funny the camera shops were mentioned earlier because I think Sunny Sports is run by the guys at Adorama Camera.  I've had good luck with them, too!

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I have bought from them a few times - no complaints
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They are legit and they do sell close outs for deeper discounts. I've purchase from them several times. They don't ask you to call an confirm your order only to try and upsell you on accessories that should be included like many of the Brooklyn Camera and electronics etailers.

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Welp....just gave em a try. Went small to test them first....a pair of glove liners. Well see how out goes!
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I did not have a good experience with this internet seller. I purchased an Eureka Grand Manan Tour Tent because the features stated that it was Bug Free and had a Screen Room. We live in the south where mosquitos are an issue. When we set up the tent, we were dismayed to discover that the screen room could not be Bug Free because the bottom of the door into the screen room doesn't mechanically close in any way, making it very unBug Free. When I contacted the seller, they wouldn't take it back because I had used it. They told me to take it up with Eureka. Eureka told me that they wouldn't take it back and refund my money because they are not the ones who received my money. They sent me back to Sunny Sports. Sunny Sports remained immovable on their line that they would not refund my money because I had used it. All the pictures and descriptions on their website indicated that I was getting a Bug Free tent. Sunny Sports maintained that it was not their fault that it was different from the info provided because Eureka had supplied them the info. I filed a Dispute of the charges with my credit card company and they agreed that it clearly qualified as a legitimate dispute based on the merchandise not being as described in the advertising. My account will be credited back the amount I was charged. Supposedly Sunny Sports is to email me a Return Merchandise form so that I can send them back this tent. Their lack of responsiveness and not taking responsibility was very frustrating!" 

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