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Since everyone and his brother is speculating from their couches about why this happened I'm going to throw out a theory I have as well.  Vonn's not a teenager anymore.  She's also spent some time in the hospital this season and probably not been able to train quite as rigorously as she usually does.  That, combined with the fact that her body is older (not too old though) might have resulted in her pushing a little harder than she should.  Theoretically, folks past their teens would have to train harder and harder as the age inorder to maintain the same strength and flexibility they had at age 19 or so.  The fact that's she's been under the weather and also seems to be pursuing more of a personal life leads me to wonder if has really been training as hard as she did in previous seasons.

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Some thoughts-

1- Looked like she was pushing super hard right out of the gate. Maybe even harder than normal for her. (if that is possible)

2- looks like she did not have enough direction off the jump, a bit off line?

3- maybe she is getting set to attempt to initiate a correction with her line before landing (is this normal?), given the relative position of her legs. 


And of course I could be totally wrong....


Was gutted watching the crash and listening to her after the fall.

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As spectators we can only speculate so much. To me personally, it looks like all that happened was she caught the inside edge on her right ski. At that kind of speed it is all that it takes to cause that much damage. I say this because I had an almost identical crash about a month ago, approaching a lift at the bottom of the hill and had someone cut me off. In a bid to avoid the person I caught the inside edge of my left ski and fell the exact same way, with all my momentum stilling going straight down the hill. Luckily I was not going anywhere near as fast nor do my skis have the edge bite that hers do. But it hurt enough to make me quit for the day, which is unusual.


Watching the high speed video of the fall it is hard to say whether the knee went before the edge caught, but I think the injury and fall were due to the inside edge of the right ski catching.

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all the speculations aside - since it doesn't matter... shit happens


she is a tenacious competitor

she will get the best possible care

by april she will be jonesin to get around and do stuff

by May she will be full-on in PT (not therapy - training)

by Oct she'll be ready to rip the women's field a new one...

and I'm sure she'll still wanna have a go at the men...


I generally don't do the 'fan' thing, but the women's field, this year, has really stepped it up a notch with a lot of exciting racing!

ditto for the US Women's team!

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frown.gif mad.gif Get well and get back to the top, Lindsey.

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Well at least she was wearing a helmet so we don't have to debate that. rolleyes.gif

The whole knee binding discussion should probably be in a separate thread. Though last time we had one there was a court order to stop it..


Schlamding Super G  Feb 5, 2013                                                                                                                                       abcnews.com                  

Some more news:


Statement from Lindsey Vonn:


Quote from US Ski Team site:

Lindsey Vonn
First off I want to say thank you to the amazing medical staff that cared for me. I plan on returning to Vail as soon as I can to have the necessary surgeries. I am also grateful to my fans for the outpouring of support, which has really helped me stay positive. I can assure you that I will work as hard as humanly possible to be ready to represent my country next year in Sochi.


Some discussion of the injury/rehab. Looks like the tibia fracture won't require a separate surgery.



On the accident:


Quote from espn:


... On the television feed, Vonn was clearly heard screaming an expletive as she landed, then a despairing "Yes, yes," when someone asked, "Are you hurt?"


Race leader and eventual champion Tina Maze watched with her mouth agape. The concern also was obvious on the face of Vonn's sister, Laura Kildow, who has been traveling with her full time this season.

For 12 minutes, Vonn lay on the snow getting medical treatment before being airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in Schladming.

Vonn tore her anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in her right knee, U.S. ski team medical director Kyle Wilkens said in a statement. The broken bone was described as a "lateral tibial plateau fracture."


Christian Kaulfersch, the assistant medical director at the worlds, said Vonn left the Schladming hospital on Tuesday afternoon and will have surgery in another hospital. "She first wanted to go back to the team hotel to mentally deal with all what has happened," Kaulfersch said.


Vonn's father, Alan Kildow, spoke with her by phone and said that she's, "mad at the way things turned out." His daughter told him that she landed in a clump of sugar snow, or ice crystals, that caused her to fall forward, he said.

"She's a tough character. A very determined and tough character," Kildow told The Associated Press in a phone interview. "She will be back."


Kildow said that surgery could take place as soon as this weekend, likely at the Steadman Clinic, in Vail, Colo. Recovery time varies, according to Dr. Tom Hackett, an orthopedic surgeon at the clinic and the team physician for the U.S. snowboard squad.


But Vonn could be looking at six-to-eight months before she's back on skis.


"It's not like at six months you say, 'OK, you can get back on a super-G course,' " Hackett said. "There's a progression to getting back on skis, getting back to taking some easy runs, getting back to some gates, and working your way back to some steeper terrain. There's a whole return to snow progression that we've developed over many years."



All the delays made for what skiers call flat light -- overcast and dreary conditions -- when Vonn raced.

"Lindsey did a great job on top and Lindsey has won a lot of races in flat light, so the flat light was definitely not a problem," U.S. Alpine director Patrick Riml told the AP.



Maze skied immediately before Vonn.

"I saw it was a very high jump, so I knew I had to take the right line to make the next gate," she said. "World championship races often have special conditions and the mistakes from the girls were not because of the slope."


The two racers who started immediately after Vonn, former overall winner Maria Hoefl-Riesch of Germany and local favorite Anna Fenninger of Austria, each skied off course. In all, six women who started the course failed to finish...


More discussion of what happened:

Quote:from video (I don't know who that is speaking.)

"Ski star Lindsey Vonn out for season after crash in Austria" - news.com.au

She jumped a little bit in the wrong direction, and started to correct that a little bit in the air..and put a lot of pressure on the outside ski exactly on the landing. And she couldn't hold the pressure and ....uh...and then it happened.




Here's Universal Sports' coverage. Kristin Cooper screams when Vonn falls. They also have a view from down slope looking up.



Coverage continues here (it'll play after the above^) with an interview with Dr. William Sterrett, the Head Physician of US Team.

He met her at the hospital. He's very positive on her recovery.



Let's not forget Julia got third!


Certainly a bright spot for the Americans was Julia Mancuso rallying just three racers after Vonn's crash to take the World Championship bronze, just her second top three of the season. She was joined on the podium by Switzerland's Lara Gut, who took second.


"I think that might've been one of the most difficult races I've ever been in," said Mancuso. "It was a really long course and a lot of hurry up and wait. I didn't know I'd be so tired at the end of the run. Every time, no matter what kind of run, I know I could have a much better run. But to finish on the podium is kind of all you can ask for."


"Yeah, that was hard. I think just with a long day everything, even your mental game, can be effected. I knew the course well, but my reactions weren't totally on but I guess they were on close enough to notice that I was going on the wrong side of the gate. Then, I think that just made me a little out there for that compression, but I made it to the finish."

             from Ski Racing Magazine http://www.skiracing.com/?q=node/21672


Look at Stockli on the Podium and in the top 10!


Quote: Ski Racing Magazine
by Hank McKee
Women's World Championship super G, Schladming, Austria, Feb. 5, 2013

Skier, skis/boots/bindings
1 Maze, Stoeckli/Lange/Atomic
2 Gut, Rossignol/Rossignol/Rossignol
3 Mancuso, Head/Head/Head
4 Goggia, Atomic/Atomic/Atomic
5 Suter, Stoeckli/Lange/Atomic
6 Stuhec, Voelkl/Tecnica/Marker
7 Merighetti, Salomon/Salomon/Salomon
8 Rebensburg, Nordica/Nordica/Marker
9 Fischbacher, Voelkl/Fischer/
10 Gisin, Dynastar/Lange/Marker


The Schlamding course finishes right in the town:



OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images                                           http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/alpine-skiing-world-championships-2013-gallery-1.1255581?pmSlide=10



  March 9, 2008 Crans Montana Super Combined

Vonn cruises down the mountain during the slalom event in the women's super combined at the FIS alpine skiing world cup on March 9, 2008, in Crans-Montana.

Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images                                                                                               http://news.ripley.za.net/2013/02/top-stories/ski-champ-vonn-injures-knee-in-crash



She'll be back.



redbull                                                        http://youtu.be/09GRD0YRnYk


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I hadn't heard the full audio before clicking on that link.  Ouch, that made me cringe.

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I have done some thread cleanup.  This thread is for those who wish to discuss the Lindsey Vonn accident, her injuries, concern for her career and racing related matters. 


The Kneebinding dog-pile may resume at this location

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A bunch of the women skied out, and you've seen the comments from Fabien Suter re the visibility. Yes, that's ski racing, and stuff happens.  I just find it totally hypocritical when people like Gunter Hajara parade around talking about how the FIS is concerned about racer safety (moving along from the GS specs issue, see what he and Christian Ghedina had to say about Dainese Air Bags for Ski Racers), when stuff like this happens. I don't care what the schedule looked like, or the upcoming weather. Delaying the race 14 times over 3 hours is proof positive, IMHO, that the FIS has no clues. It's the first race in the championships, and you can always make it up later, regardless of how tight the schedule appears to be. My thinking? I didn't realize until I read it that the finish stadium at Schladming can hold 35,000 paying customers...and they all paid their money, and had ample quantities of Schnappes.  So, from the beginning, I think we all knew it was going to be delay, delay, delay, but eventually the word would be "The crowd's here, and they're getting antsy...send 'em...). And so Lindsey decided to run, and lost that bet, big time. The fact that she trashed her knee, and likely her career, and others like Maze and Mancuso, did not, is pure luck, and has nothing to do with what the organizers and the FIS did or did not do...

Originally Posted by primoz View Post

You seriously should see someone... Everything what FIS does, is wrong for you. But lets face it... it's actually NOT FIS fault that Lindsey fell. How many other skiers fell there? None. And to be honest, Lindsey had pretty good conditions during her run. Tina on the other side was going into complete fog.

This is no photoshop photo of both racers:






Was course optimal? No it wasn't, but you really can't do much when you get more then half meter snow in last few days. Should they cancel race? Maybe, but weather forecast is not any better here in Schladming for next few days, and unfortunately they don't have 3 months time to make all races through.

Unfortunately that's ski racing, and bad things happen, but it's kinda stupid to blame FIS for this crash. It was bad luck, and maybe she should be skiing like Maze said she was... with a bit of reserve not to go full out. I know it's stupid to say this, when it comes to racing, but unfortunately that's life. Sometimes you need to back off a bit, or risk. And sometimes risk pays off, sometimes it doesn't. This time unfortunately it didn't.

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Thanks Cirque!


Here's a series of stills from the Universal Sports video. Just after landing.

Is her line off? It's hard to tell.


Unfortunately, Universal does not have this shot in the video for Maze, Gut, or Mancuso. Most annoying. They all do land uphill and take that blue gate very close.




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Very slightly offline is my view.  Just enough that she was preparing to correct in the air, and just enough that her right ski landed in the scraped off, softer snow alongside the perfect line.  Terribly bad luck.  I wish her all the best for a speedy and complete recovery.

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Since everyone and his brother is speculating from their couches about why this happened I'm going to throw out a theory I have as well.  Vonn's not a teenager anymore.  She's also spent some time in the hospital this season and probably not been able to train quite as rigorously as she usually does.  That, combined with the fact that her body is older (not too old though) might have resulted in her pushing a little harder than she should.  Theoretically, folks past their teens would have to train harder and harder as the age inorder to maintain the same strength and flexibility they had at age 19 or so.  The fact that's she's been under the weather and also seems to be pursuing more of a personal life leads me to wonder if has really been training as hard as she did in previous seasons.


Here is another theory. She was ski racing at the highest level and crashes happen. I know quite a few former ski racers, that have raced at every level from Collegiate to Olympics, everyone has crashed badly at one time or another and almost all of them have gone under the knife to repair, knees, ankles even thumbs. Training, not training or lack of training is an almost impossible theory to prove unless the racer shows up 25 lbs over weight.  


World Cup ski racing is a dangerous business, that is pretty much my theory. 


I hope she makes a full recovery and is able to ski in the Olympics, time will tell.  

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It's not like she's new to injuries.

Here’s a brief history of Vonn’s injuries:

FLASHBACK: Lindsey Vonn’s injury history

Jason Devaney

2006 Olympics
Vonn crashed in a downhill training run and was taken off the mountain via helicopter. She suffered a bruised hip but competed two days later, finishing eighth in the event.


2007 World Championships
Vonn crashed in a slalom training run and suffered a sprained ACL, which ended her season. Before the crash, she earned silver medals in the downhill and super-G.


2009 World Championships
Vonn won the downhill title at the 2009 Worlds, and then while celebrating she cut her right thumb on a broken champagne bottle. The incident left her with a cut tendon, which required surgery. She ended the Worlds with gold medals in the downhill and super-G.


2009-10 World Cup
Vonn crashed during a World Cup giant slalom run in December – shortly before the 2010 Olympics – and bruised her arm. There was no fracture and she continued to ski.


2010 Olympics
A week before the Games started, Vonn bruised her shin during a training run. She called the pain “excruciating” when she tried to put on a ski boot. She skied through the pain to win gold in the downhill and bronze in the super-G.

During the giant slalom, Vonn crashed and broke her right pinkie. She later crashed out of the super-combined after falling during a slalom run.


2011 World Championships
Vonn crashed during a training run one week before the 2011 Worlds started and suffered a concussion. She raced anyway, finishing second in the downhill and seventh in the super-G. [she withdrew from the slalom and giant slalom]


2012-13 World Cup
Vonn suffered from an intestinal illness early in the season and missed two races. After returning briefly to the slopes, she decided to take an extended break over the holiday season before returning in early January.


2013 World Championships
In her first race on the opening day of the competition, Vonn crashed hard in her super-G run and was airlifted to the hospital. Doctors said she tore two ligaments in her right knee, [+ lateral tibial plateau fracture]



NPR Coverage: (audio) Tom Goldman 2/5/13



Ok, here's an odd one. It's difficult to find videos of the schladming women's race. Most of the other competitors they skip the middle section which has the jump so I haven't bothered to post them. I did find this view of Schladming finish area. The aerial shots are done with a quad copter radio control flyer with a camera attached.


  YTschim·                                                                                                                                       http://youtu.be/P445O6BvUXI

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One of the Italian dailies reporting that Vonn refused to take a blood test before leaving Austria, just FYI. 

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Originally Posted by prickly View Post

One of the Italian dailies reporting that Vonn refused to take a blood test before leaving Austria, just FYI. 

Wasn't there an Italian daily that earlier in the season claimed that Tina Maze was wearing chemically treated undergarments to make her faster than everyone else?


Either way, not American, but I hope Lindsey Vonn recovers in time for the Olympics. The entire sport suffers when someone like that is injured so badly. That crash video is so terrible, makes my knee hurt just watching it.

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Might be that she just felt shitty and didn't feel like doing a blood test, might not be true at all. In cycling you'd get suspended for refusal, not sure what the rules are in skiing. 

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Prickley, same rules apply for skiing, but I doubt doping test is something anyone cared about in that moment. And to be honest, I doubt anyone wanted to test her at that time. But I have no idea.

Skiracer55, if you follow skiing a bit more, you should know, that this was not first race that was delayed for long time and then finally run through. And it certainly won't be last one. Yes it's shitt*y to do it, but unfortunately such thing did happen, and will happen in future too. And it's kinda hard to blame delays for this.

As far as other racers go... I saw few DNF, and since someone mentioned Riesch, she went out on gate, where I was standing. It was her fault only (went way too back with her weight, and couldn't press skis enough to make it to next gate... no crash, no nothing). It could be because of flat light, and she didn't see bump and reacted too late, but flat light is normal thing on races. There's no rule saying anything about flat light, and I don't see option to have such rule either. How would you define flat light anyway? And how would you measure when it's bad enough not to race? But yes, I agree, it's dangerous to run race in such conditions. But if we are honest, and no obsessed with anti-FIS war, running ski races where speed are over 100km/h (or hell... over 30km/h) is dangerous... in any kind of conditions. So if we want to make things safe, we should just cancel all racing. Or?

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I haven't seen that comment anywhere else, so it's probably crap.
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post

One of the Italian dailies reporting that Vonn refused to take a blood test before leaving Austria, just FYI. 


If I just had a major injury I would refuse it too.  The last thing your body needs in the aftermath of that is less blood and more resources going towards regenerating that blood.

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It's probably spurious reporting, but I'm pretty sure a refusal to take a blood test from sport's governing authorities, as opposed to from hospital staff, say, would be some kind of infraction.

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do you know if Lindsey landed further down the jump? It's hard to get any decent video that shows the same views with other competitiors. It looks kind of like Lindsey landed about one blue stripe down from where Mancuso landed, but I really can't tell.


While Julia and Lindsey were skiing powder on Monday, the course workers were busy getting rid of the powder:


 First Tracks!! Online Ski Magazine                                                                       http://www.firsttracksonline.com/2013/02/04/alpine-skiing-world-championships-open-in-schladming/
Workers in Schladming, Austria, were busy on Monday removing snow from the course for tomorrow’s women’s super G, the opening event of the 2013 Alpine Skiing World Championships. (photo Schladming 2013)



Here's a video of what Schladming looks like in the Alps. It's nearer the end. Looks like a fairly mellow ski area that goes right into the town. The map below though looks as if there are 6 or 7 peaks in that area that may be covered on one ticket.


  FISAlpineSkiWM2013                                                                                                             http://youtu.be/cFXrSNs-Fmw


You can get a 3-d map of Schladming if you install the 3d reality viewer available below. It's pretty cool, though it lacks the detail I was looking for about the course. I believe the jump is the Posersprung, and the landing is partly a large bridge over a road. One thing is for sure, it's a major site. Ski racing is big! The media center is quite large.


There's also other maps - Zermatt/Matterhorn, Everest, St. Anton etc.




click link for larger jpg


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I have no idea where did she landed... I was on course some 500m above her crash, and having whole lot of other things to do here (so not all that much time for video searching :)), I probably saw much less of this then most of you guys did :)

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What I saw was her right ankle rotate inward, then the tumble.   Very painful to watch.   Wish her the best.

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She landed with her edge set for the turn... aggressive.  Others were landing with more of a flat ski and then initiating the turn.  They were aware of the manky landing.  Lindsey's ski was too heavy on the edge for surface conditions.


...maybe... what do I know.

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Statement from LV (tweet,Facebook, I don't know),


"Success! Surgery went very well yesterday and I'm recovering at home in vail with my family. I want to sincerely thank everyone for their well wishes these last few days. It's going to be a long and hard road back but I will be back!! Xoxo Lv @gopro #postsergurypic #idontlikehospitalpics"


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nice shot

get well Lindsey!


Not that it's related to this injury, but gopro and redbull are probably linked to more injuries than anything else...except "young male".

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Why isn't Tiger there with her!!??

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Saw this on her facebook page today. 

Go Lindsey!!

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Saw this on her facebook page today. 

Go Lindsey!!

Jeez that is almost as bad as the KB post.rolleyes.gif

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haha, at least that's one of her sponsors with a stake in the game, and not someone coming out of  the woodwork

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