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Salomon CrossMax 10 Pilot

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Ski Make:Salomon
Ski Model:Crossmax 10 Pilot
Ski Length:170
Snow Conditions Used In: All Mountain, Crud, Powder, Ice, packed powder
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability: Advanced/expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:38
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:30
Other Skis You Like:Salomon X Scream Series, Volkl Vertigo Motion, Salomon Prolink Equip 3s
Your Height/Weight:5'8" 155 lbs
Comments: Made me feel like I could ski anything. Rock solid at "scary fast" speeds for me. Turned quickly on bumps and groomers. Nimble in the trees with calf deep powder, Long GS turns in crud felt like I was on my XScreams in the longer length. I tried making "outrigger" turns that cruised through ice, powder, crud, and packed powder all in the same turns and this didn't even phase these skis..

Can you say "Superman Skis"?

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I agree but I like them in a 190.
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I got a pair of the Crossmax 10's in 185 length about three weeks ago and like them more each time I ski on them. My previous skis were X Scream Series (187) which were on the losing end of battle with a rock(ripped out edge). I was able to get the Crossmax 10s thru an employee discount program at the shop where my daughter works. I violated my #1 rule and bought them without skiing them first,but I was preparing for an out of town ski trip and needed to act.
Comparing them to the X Screams: less "pop" out of the tails, but more stable at high speeds. They seem to be more stable cutting thru varied snow than the X Screams. My turns seem to be rounder, but I've done lot of skiing this year which may be a reflection of better conditioning and more practice. They are great doing huge turns on groomers and are fairly snappy at short turns. They are quite forgiving of the occasional mistake.
I possibly would have gone shorter, but the 185 was the shortest length available thru the program. All in all-very satisfied-yep I'm grinning when I ski!
Age: Five days from 50
Ability:Agressive advanced
Years skiing:20
Area skied:East
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Ditto on the great ski thing, but for the Scream 10 Pilot over the Crossmax version. Being 145 pounds full of food and a mediocre skier at best, past my 60th birthday, I skied the Scream 10 Pilot in 170. Unfortuately, all of the skis I tested over two days were mostly on eastern hardpack and ice. The small amount of new snow I got was no test, since it was not deeper than a few inches, and sparse. The Scream 10 was great for me and was one of my top three picks in two days of skiing probably fifteen models at the on-snow trade show at Stratton last week. It, along with the Dynastar Intuitiv 71, could be the one "do it all" ski for me - and for lots of others, as well. These are suitable for just about all conditions, and for middle intermediate to true expert - also good at slow speeds and stable at high speeds, turn shape the users choice - a huge performance and ability envelope. Great ski! The Crossmax also was a great ski, but the Scream version has a better footprint for all around use - but I'm glad to read that the Crossmax also has a wide performance envelope.

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Ski Make: Sollie
Ski Model: Crossmax Pilot 10 w/ 912Ti bindings
Ski Length: 185
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomed, packed, spring corn and muck
Number of Days Used: 1 (for a few hours)
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: A few
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30-40
Other Skis You Like: K2 AXP, Rossi Bandit XX, X-Scream Series
Your Height/Weight: 5'8"/175 lbs.
I took the oppurtunity to demo these last Friday, and I am sure glad that I did. These are the skis that I expected from a Pilot system! They carved a nice round turn, but felt solid under foot. They would link large radius turns at speed so easily, but would switch to short radius turns w/o a hitch. I was impressed by the edge grip and tracking ability, especially through the spring mashed potato snow. They skied very damp and forgiving. Handling at speed was superb for such an easy skiing board. Did some bumps and felt that the performance was above average, although the skis did feel a bit too damp in this case. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I would recommend these. The ideal user would be someone who wants a 70% on-piste board that is capable of ripping full bore, but likes to chill as well. Great skis! (And that comes from a guy would hated the Scream Pilot.)
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OK,ok - I'll demo the Crossmax 10 Pilot again! Just to be sure.
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Oboe make sure they are tuned right. The Crossmax 10 is not a ski for intermediate skiers. The Crossmax nine or eight is much better for intermediates. The 10 really needs to be skied in a very centered position to perform well.
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Lucky, I have skied the Crossmax 10 Pilot and did like it - I just felt that the footprint of the Scream 10 Pilot was more versatile, so I've been focusing more on the Scream that the Crossmax. Now I'll revisit the Crossmax - but you have that one right, the tune can make or break it! Thanks for the input.
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