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That's cause the Chairman was at the boot pro. That's about as far as I'll go on that one. Last year the Mt. had 20 pairs for tryouts. I guess that's over.

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I've posted this before, but I will post it again.


I toasted my ACL on a pair of 194 Faction Thirteens with Salomon s916s and Atomic M110s.  The bindings were set at 13.  Forward pressure and wings and toe height were all set properly.  But in an attempt to gain more volume in my boots, I was skiing without footbeds that day.  Which gave a strange floaty feeling in the boots.  That caused the crash in which I hyper-extended my knee and tore my ACL.


Sure, if the bindings were set lower, I probably would have come out of them.  But they didn't cause the crash.


I still ski 916s.  Several pairs of them.  But know I ski them at 11/12 and have not had an issue, even in some pretty horrific crashes.

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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post

The guy's at the Boot Pro told me that one of the regular's had all the old bindings removed and had these put on all he and his wifes skis.


And did he tell you if he LIKED his wife or not?
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Funny, good one. :)

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My biggest concern is the developer (ie true knowledge base) of the Kneebinding  is no longer with the company, the only thing new I've seen is new colors.


Makes me wonder.

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