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I'm looking for either a group race camp or individual/private race coach for my 14 yo son, during the week of Feb 18th.  This would be away from his home mountain race program during that week of break.  I have found a junior race camp at Sugarbush and heard about individual race coaching at Okemo.  I'm sure other mountains have similar offerings.


Has anyone had experience with either of these something else to recommend?


My main goal is to have someone improve my son's race techniques.  I can spot some issues in his techniques but he won't listen to me anymore.  frown.gif  So, I'm thinking he'll be better served being either in a small group program or even in individual coaching sessions.  I can see the pros and cons.  Money is an issue as it is to most people, but he loves skiing so much, I'm willing to spend a little bit of money.


I'd appreciate any experience or suggestions. 


While he is training, I can free ski with my younger daughter.  They are 4 years apart, so I don't think they can be in a 2-1 race training.