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Out of Ideas

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Well i am completely out of ideas and extremely frustrated. I have now been fitted by two bootfitters one in chicago that put me in Technica Dragons and one in Park City that did the full Fischer vacuum fit. My problems with the technicas were my feet would fall asleep and my quads burned to hell.

Returned these boots and went to Park City to one of the best fitters in the US. He solved my quad pain issues but still no dice on the toes falling asleep. He went through every possible fix he knew. I have a lot of volume in my foot but only measure to a 26-26.5.

I'm at a total loss as to what to do. I am almost to the point of just going to Sports Authority and getting boots myself. Any ideas??
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which fischer model did he put you in? if it was the all yellow or black and white models, probably not a love match even with vacuum forming. the fischer vacuum can be a problem solver for certain feet, however if your feet and toes are falling asleep from nerve compression over the top of the foot, the fischer has a very low roof and does not expand a ton over the top of your instep bump. 


in the big picture of boot fitting 2 mediocre tries is not yet a total loss. 


keep trying, but switch the search from the perfect boot to the perfect boot fitter. your solution is about matching your foot shape and performance needs to the correct boot shell. the tecnica dragon and fischer vacuum come from two very different planets.


it ain't rocket science it is boot fitting.


and if you cannot find the fitter to solve your dilemma, you can always go to sports authority and get the wrong boot in the wrong size at a great price, hell the prices are so low you might want to buy the entire pair.



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It was the hybrid 9s. All black. My problem is the fact that i live in Indianapolis and have no fitters around me.

The instep i think keeps giving me the problem, but for some reason each of these guys cant fix the issue.

What i meant was that i would rather deal with my foot sliding around then them falling asleep.
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