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We saw several different makers of foot beds at the SIA show in Denver.  I got a pair from Pete at FIT that I put into my Sorels which have a flat foot bed.  They are immediately like turning a clunky boot into a boot I could go on a walk about.  Pete had a machine which looked like an etch a sketch which shows an impression of your foot sole and from there he chooses a low, medium, or high arch foot bed in your size.  One of the things I found interesting was that the foot bed should not push your arch up.  It should feel like it isn't there.


I also got a pair of EZ Fits from MasterFit which went into my shoes.  After walking on the concrete of the convention center for the day, these insoles made a huge difference in how my feet felt at the end of the day.


The nice thing is that I can move the insoles into different shoes so the insoles will come out of the Sorels and go into the golf shoes.  I think with better foot support I will be better balanced and my  feet won't be tired after 18 holes of golf.