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ski questions for young girl

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I posted this in the gear forum but thought it might better here. Hoping to get some assistance. My daughter is 5.5 years and skis mostly blue runs and is starting to carve. She likes to explore the mountain and likes the idea of the kids park, jumps etc although she doesn't get any air on the jumps, she just rolls over them. She is quite light for her age. She will need new skis probably in the 97cm to 100cm range this comming season (we are in the southern hemisphere). I have been looking at volkl chica, rossignol fun girl, dynastar starlett etc. I have also been considering a twin tipp. Any thoughts on a good kids intermediate ski? Does the ski really make that much difference (alot of the kids skis look quite similar to me). Will twin tip skis make it harder to progress her carving technique? Any thoughts from the combined knowledge here would be much appreciated.

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Welcome to EpicSki!  When my daughter was that age, I did a season lease from a local ski shop.   I think you are correct in thinking it doesn't make that much difference at that age.  The only issue is how long to get.  By the time my daughter was 7, I bought her used skis.  She was good enough to handle a slightly long ski (at her forehead) so she could use the same skis for two seasons.


How often is your daughter skiing?

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Thanks Marznc. Hoping we will ski somewhere between 20 and 30 days.
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Twin tips and carving: Most likely, yes, it will make it harder for her to progress with carving. Not that she WON'T progress, she'll just progress slower. They could, however, allow her to progress faster in other areas. Personally, I'd wait a few years on getting her twin tips. She's not going to be skiing switch or doing big jumps when she's 5 or 6.

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We had the same problem last year, when out dauther was 7. We just got her 2 skis: Atomic SL9 for speedy carving and Rossi FUN GIRL which were left from out older dauther for fun skiing and jumps. after all, if you have 10 skis in your closet, why your child can't have more then 1 too? just kidding;)
But really, it is easy to sell kids skis so you will not lose anything.
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personally, with three kids having gone through learning on a 4,5 or 6 day per year each (in classes, not simply on the hills) they've all done on none twins .. I didn't note twins were really all that common at under 140 or so ...


so, I'd generally skip em but i've also noted with my kids, they adapt very quickly to any ski and it seemed really never to matter much on what they skied on.   I'd come just short of saying for kids, I wouldn't be surprised that they could master just as quickly a ski from 1930 as one today ... at least my kids never seemed to be affected much by the ski itself ... just what they were trying to learn.



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Thanks for the replies. All good info and confirms what I was thimking.
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