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Atomic 9.22 size

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I'm sold on getting the atomic 9.22. But the size has me confused. Can't decide on either 170 or 180's, the charts put me at 175, of course the ski does not come at that lenght. I'm 5'11", 145lb, advanced to expert, ski mostly off-piste, trees, chutes tight turns. never skied anything shorter than a 190 on straight skiis. Any thoughts?
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I don't know if I can help. I am 5'6" 160lbs. & ski 190's Would be fine on 180's But they are soft skis. Could not deal w/170's.
Try before you buy the 180's.
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Just like Jc-co said with your sking type the 180 are a better bet .The only problem you could encounter is not be able to get the all the edge to the snow but with your ability level that should be no problem . The 170 are going to be faster edge to edge , the 180 are going to be a better all a round ski for you.
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Im 5'6 and 165 pounds and have been on 190 cm 9.22s for the last few years.I have been very happy with the ski and this length but saddly have thrashed them thorouly and have to move on,tommorow will be my first day on new xx bandits 184cm.I would definetly not go any less than 180 with the atomics.
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