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Just got a new pair of Slalom skis for cruising around on groomers. (Well, they are used, but new to me) 

Have noticed the tips feel super grabby compared to the older Rossi WC slaloms I used to ski on. (Both are 165s) 

Am thinking this could be due to the fact that I skied them with a fresh ski prep and did not de-tune the tips and tails, but am wondering also if this is due to changes in ski design. (Effectively there is less rocker in 2011 than the 2007, extending the edge length in the tip of the ski) The new skis basically did not enjoy feathering the first 3rd of the arc at all, which is something that I do from time to time when free skiing. Have since de-tuned the tips and tails but have not skied since. Would love any thoughts!  


As a brief background. I grew up ski racing in VT. Raced in college in the north east. Have coached a few seasons of J4s and 5s. Net am not new to WC stock skis or slalom turns.