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ski purchase

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Hi, I am looking to purchase a ski for my daughter for next season and I am seeing some good deals.  She is a u-12 racer, will be U-14 next year.  Current stats..5'2" 87 lbs, so light for her height.  She is currently skiing a 151 Head SL for GS and a 140 Atomic SL for Slalom.  I would like to get her a GS ski and let her use the 151 SL next year for SL, though that one might be near the end of it's life, so might need to get a new SL ski also.  About her skiing…she is a good technical skier.  She has had success in racing..Platinum division Nastar, podium winner at Mountain Dew Fun Races in PA and VT, and generally in the Flip at her USSA races.  I was looking at this ski for next year.    Atomic D2 Race GS 158cm Junior Skis

w/ Atomic Neox 412.  I havent gotten feedback from her coaches (frustrating), so I thought I would ask here.  Do you know if this is a good ski for a lightweight racer?  I have also looked at the Blizzard Magnesium JR. sl and gs, but I heard that they might be a little stiff.  Any recommendations for lighter weight skiers would be greatly appreciated. 

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My first year U14 boy was on Atomic 137 SL/158 D2 GS last year weighing in at about 90lbs. This year he's running about 5'2" /105 lbs and on Atomic 144 or 151SL/165 D2 GS. If your daughter is 5'2", over 90lbs and handling the 151 SL ok, I would lean toward the 165 D2 GS. My experience has been the jr Atomics ski real well for the kids, not too stiff, and not too soft with great edge hold. Her coaches should be able to narrow down the size based on her ability and the general course sets U14s get in your division. The good news is almost all of the brands are making decent jr race skis these days.
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she is skiing the 151 sl as a GS ski now.  SL, she is on the atomics (and now that you mention it, I think they are 137, not 140).  So, he likes the D2 GS?  We are Eastern Region.  I am leaning 158 bc of her weight, but happy to read that you have a Jr on that ski :)

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