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Ski Make:Kneissl
Ski Model:Rail
Ski Length:170 111/72/101
Snow Conditions Used In: Ice/bumps/groomed/2inch pow
Number of Days Used:2 hrs
Your Ability:expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:
Other Skis You Like:
Your Height/Weight:5'11/185
Comments: This is nexts years ski, I skied it in all conditions for a few hours. This ski has a nice soft flex but with built in energy bars keep it very stiff torsonaly. I was impressed for an all mountain wide waisted ski it was very solid on ice, GREAT in the bumps and a lot of fun on the groomed. For my size I felt I could over turn it at this length at times I would go to a 180cm. Light weight but you could give it alot and it comes back. I was very impresesed with this ski.