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Which All Mountain Twin Tip?

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I really want an all mountain twin tip ski, I have some options in mind, Atomic Panic, Atomic Theory, Salomon Rocker2 90, Scott Punisher and Line Chronic.
I'm 6'2, 210 pounds and a quick learning intermediate, I ski mainly on piste 70%, off piste 20%, park 10% (for now wanting to do more off in time) Which is the best ski out of my options?

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At your height and weight which is pretty similar to myself you might find yourself overpowering a lot of those options, have a look at something like the Volkl Bridge if your set on having twin tips, Im going back to a quiver than just having all mountain twins as I just overpower the tails on my current all mountain twins.

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Thanks for the answer, it's my first pair of skis. I just want some that will last and take me to the next level, are their any other skis that match what I'm asking for?

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Theres a few option but it depends if your set on an twin tip how much time have you spent on twins?  I only ask this as I currently have a set of all mountain twin tips that are only ok when you put power through them on piste, all the twins ive skied have washed out on piste due to my weight and aggressive skiing.

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It will be my first pair, I wouldn't say I was an aggressive skier. But would really like some Twins as I want to get more into park, but still spend most of the time on piste and some off. Have you had any experience with any of the skis I mentioned, also what other do you recommend, I don't really want to spend loads on them as they are my first.

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If youre quickly learning get something that can take you to the next level and you will be happy with once youre there. I started skiing again this year after 14 years snowboarding and started on the atomic panics. Great intermediate ski, handles best in softer snow and does pretty well off piste. Once I got confident though I started going faster and it couldnt handle the speed especially on firmer surfaces, not necessarily ice but not soft. I currently have the salomon rocker2 90s as my kind of everyday ski and like them a lot though they are not a twin tip. The rocker2 92 is though. They perform very well on piste though and I was out today ripping it up in variable snow where it was 7" of fresh in spots then dust on crust on others and they did very well. I would look into the Moment PB & Js though for an all mountain ski. havent skied them but theyre twin tips and I think 101mm underfoot to excel off piste but are an all mountain ski. If I was looking for an all mtn ski thats what I'd get in like a 185ish. That will take you to the next level and you'll be happy with it once you're there. If you're serious about skiing get a good ski you wont outgrow skill wise.

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