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MXP versus 11:20

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Okay guys, need some feedback. I have a great opportunity to pickup a pair of Atomic 11-20s in a 180. Skiing MXP in 188 for 2 years now and maybe best overall ski I've ever been on.
Who has skied both and can offer their perspective on the Atomics? Ya, I know there will be a definite difference in turn radius, but given they both have same diminsions how are they similar / dissimilar??
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Been skiing the MXP (188) for two seasons as well. In my opinion, the 11.20 takes a bit more input, more like a race ski. It also seems to ski more of it's shape. I definitely feel the tail more at the end of the turn vs the MXP. This however, this is based on skiing the 11.20 in a 190, not a 180. If I were an eastern skier, the 11.20 is a great ski. For a western skier, the MXP. Both do well in crud, but the MXP seems a little more calm in the also feels a bit more damp overall. Anyhow, there are my thoughts.

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