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This is my first post. 20 year snowboarder here switching back to ski's. I'm having a heck of a time getting boots. Went to R.E.I and they told me I was a good fit for Dalbello's in a 26.5 with 98mm last. They were wrong, they shell fitted me, measured my feet, and still they were wrong. When I went skiing my calves cramped up really bad probably because the 98mm last was to small. I took them back and another guy measured me and said I was a C+ to a D-, which they said equals up to a 100mm last. This guy also said I was little over a 25.5 to a 26mm Mondo size. He recommended me to stay with a 25.5. The 25.5 is pretty snug, he said the boot will pack out 1/4 to a 1/2 size in time. They didn't have anything with 100 to 120 flex in my size. So my question is, he told me they have a Salomon Quest 10 last years model online for a good price and that Quest model was going to be a perfect fit for me. I'm a little scared to order these, are they the same as this years model Quest boots or did Salomon change their entire line? I don't mind paying more for a better boot. The 25.5, if i lean forward my toes barely touch the front of the liner, if I"m standing up my toes are a little bent. Will this be an issue? Someone please help so I can continue skiing and not go back to snowboarding because I'm getting to old to Board.


Thank you in advance.

Much Love.