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Sizing for Salomon X-kart

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I just decided to buy a pair of Salomon X-kart but im not sure what size i should go for, 157 cm or 164 cm. I hope you guess can help out.

I'm 5'8'' and 150 llb, and I'm going to use the ski for short turning. I would have liked the ski in 160-162 cm so i don't know if I'm best off going with the 157cm or the 164 cm. Any thoughts?

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I'm 5'10" 175lbs and I've used the 171 extensively this season on hardpack, soft corduroy and off the sides of the piste and with a few jumps etc. The tip rocker really aids turn initiation and does make things a little easier in the rough stuff.

However, I've also used the 24 hours extensively in the same conditions and in a 170. The 24 hours is noticeably more stable at speed, if a little harder to manage in shorter turns.

Therefore, if you like to go fast at all, I'd be tempted to go for the longer of the two, as I think the construction of the ski tends to ski a little shorter than comparable powerline/woodcore Ti models.

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Thanks for you answer, appreciate it. I'll go with the 164 cm!

I got two further questions since it seems like you know quite a lot about the Salmons skis. Do you know if there are any differences between the X-kart 2011/2012 and the X-kart 2012/2013 besides the design (the font on the 11/12 is green while the font on the 12/13 is yellow). Secondly have you tried the Salomon 3v? I tried it last year and I did find it a bit hard to make turns with (guess I don't have the right technique for controlling a tough race ski), why I'll go with the X-kart. 


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Tried the 11/12 3V last year for a day. I had skied for just 5 straight weeks at that point. I was able to handle them in a shorter length (can't remember exactly, but around 164ish) and had a lot of fun as they constantly wanted to be turning and on edge. But they were twitchy and difficult for me to control at speed.

Fast forward a year and I now have 15 weeks skiing and would not try them again. I like to go fast, GS style turns and mess around on the sides. Plus for work I need a flexible (not necessarily literally) ski that's adaptable to a wide range of conditions. The 3V was amazing on the crap, hard snow we had here last year, but on the sides was rubbish and too stiff.

I think the X-Kart is a great all rounder for intermediates/advanced, but probably too easy for experts (which I'm definitely not). It's forgiving of poor technique and lazy skiing, but will also go when you really push it. The Powerline core is the same across the 24 hours, X-Kart and Mustang. Except the Mustang has Carbon race frame and slightly different bindings. This year I've found the Mustang to be the fastest of the three but also the most work and slightly twitchy. I found this good though, as it forced me to focus on my technique. Any of them would probably be good for you, but at your weight, the Mustang is maybe a little much and the 24 hours doesn't necessarily have the flexibility you want.

When the Salomon rep was here last year he told us there were no changes planned for 13. Assuming that hasn't changed, it'll be cosmetic only across the range.

I think!! ;-)

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Sounds great! I ordered the X-kart in 164 in the 12-13 model - can't wait to try them out! You've been very helpfull - thanks a lot, appreciate your taking the time to help out! :)

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No problem. It's very rare that I have any knowledge worth contributing on here, so it's nice to be able to say something useful :-)

Come back and let me know how you get on...

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Hi again!

Last week it was finally time for my yearly ski vacation. The ski was great! I did find it very easy to control and though stiff enough to drive fast with out being shaky. Really love this ski. It short turns like a charm on the groomes and it is actually quite decent in deep snow as well thanks to the rocker. The size was good, so i'm happy i went with the 164 and didn't go for the shorter 157. Once again, thanks for your big help ;)

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