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Heli skiing Whistler

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I am in Whistler with my boys aged 13 and 16. All of us are good skiers but 13 year old has less experience of off-piste. We would like to go heli skiing for one day. There seems to be Whistler Heli Ski or Coast Range? Any views on either of them and do we need to book before going. Our trip is 22.3 - 30.3
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Advice is to book in advance.

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Wrong forum but:


1) Whistler Heli for sure if you are not experienced powder skiers. Give them an honest assessment of your ability and they will take you to nice mellow glaciers (25-30 degree slope, no obstacles). Coast Range can do the same, but caters to more experienced riders and you do not want to hold up a group of stronger skiers.


2) Probably want to book in advance if possible, but might not be necessary for that week as late March is not as busy as Jan/Feb in Whistler.


Have fun. 

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What a coincidence! I am in Whistler right now and earlier today I did a Coast Range Heli day (my 1st!).  It was a fantastic experience, but as mentioned they do cater to smaller advanced groups.  The best thig to do is to talk to each outfit and see what they have to say.  I am sure if you are honest about the experience levels of everyone you will be fine with either operation.


Good Luck,


Rick G

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Thank you all for the help and advice. I will speak to both companies and see what they say
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Can you post here about how it goes? We're thinking about going to Whistler next year and talked about trying a heli trip.
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Thank you everybody. We will let you know what we decide to do and how we balance the different levels of skiing as our 13 year old is not as confident in deep and steep terrain as the 17 year old
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Hi Sue, my husband and I are heading to Whistler for our second time this year from the 23 to the 30th.  We don't plan on heli skiing this time out,  but if you wanted to meet up while there we could get to gether for some turns.  We'll be staying at the Holiday Inn suites in Whistler Village near the BlackComb Gondola lift.  We love Whistler, and I'm sure you'll have a blast.  I also love Heli skiing but it's not in this years budget.  Both Heli Ski outfits are going to be professional and make sure you have a great day, so phoning and discussing it with them and how they fit your likes and skiing would be the way I go.

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We have just returned from Whistler and in the end went heli skiing with Whistler Heli ski. The day was brilliant and the guide excellent. We chose them because it caters for advanced skiers and I was concerned whether our 13 year old son would cope in an experienced advanced group. There was no need to worry, the three of us were amongst the strongest skiers. There were some aspects you all may want to think about and worth discussing with each company. We stayed on the same mountain all day and as a glacier it was not steep. I had expected to go to more than one mountain but it may have been retsricted due to avalanche risk. We were in a group of mixed ability of intermediate and advanced skiers. This meant that the terrains had to suit all skiers and restricted where we skied. It did not affect our day as it was still great fun but this may not suit everybody. I should have asked but it did not occurs to me that groups would be mixed. We also had a days training with Wendy Brookbank from Extremely Canadian. One of the best instructors we have skied with and she was excellent with both the boys and really improved their skiing. She was also great fun. Hope that helps all of you and we will ask more questions next time we go
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Thanks for the follow-up post! 

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