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Good tuning shop in Eastern PA

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I have been tuning my ski's this season by hand (base/side edge + wax).  I am not fully convinced I am doing a great job, and I also really need to get my bases ground down and some new Ptex in spots where I have hit rocks, so I am looking for a shop to go to for a full tune.  There are lots of buckman's around me, but I am not sure how good of a job they do, I have also been to Salter's ski which seemed decent.  Any recommendations?



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I am also in eastern PA. I do my own work except for grinds which I have done in New England, either at Edgewise in Stowe, or SkiMD in Framingham, MA. Both shops do service by mail/UPS. If I had to get work done in PA, I would use Rick Reber in Reading. I haven't used him but a racer that I know likes his work. I would personally steer clear of Buckman's, they have a lot of employees who seem not to know what they are talking about in sales and it is hard to believe their techs are a different category. I've been in Salters but don't know much about them. Danziezen and Quigley in Cherry Hill has at least a few people who know something but I don't know about their tuning.

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Buckmans sends to a central location so the guy/gal you speak with has nothing to do with the work.  REI has been pretty good - they do the work right there and if there is an issue they can show in the workshop.  Salters is fine, but they detune tips and tails, which is fine if you want that.  You just need to tell them, if you don't want it.  I have heard good things about Wicks, but have not been there yet in my search for Nirvana.  And I am not bad, but you need to bring beer, 

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how far from NJ are we talking? i could always recommend my shop.

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Blue Mountain has totally rebuilt the tuning shop, with new high tech Montana machine, located at the mid-mountain lodge. Several friends have had skis tuned and are very pleased. They will do edges and wax in 20 minutes while you wait. Full tune is $50 and you can leave skis at the end of a day and pick them up on next visit (assuming one skies there regularly).

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