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Colds/Flu impede skiing?

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There was a lot of press coverage last month about the annual flu epidemic.  I think it hit this time a little harder than some years.  Just curious, how many folks had their skiing adversely effected by bad colds or flu this winter?  It really stinks when this happens on a much anticipated major ski trip.  I had a cold during a recent trip and was able to ski through it, but not the most pleasant.  I get a flu shot almost every fall and one of my conscious motivators is the hope of lessening chance of flu during upcoming ski season/trips. Some of my trip companions had issues beyond colds and more like the flu and lost ski time.


Just part of life, or do you guys have ways to improve your chances of staying away from colds and flu during ski season?

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Hmmmm, I've just started my 2013 ski adventure, no health problems yet..... but I'm staying in a hostel where the germs come in from tons of states and multiple continents.  Wish me luck!


My only preventive measure is trying to be in good shape and keeping my hands clean.  Can't remember the last time I had the flu (but it has happened) never had a flu shot.

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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post

 I've just started my 2013 ski adventure

Have a great trip.  Looking forward to some good photos/posts from you.

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I got something flu like going on too,


But its superbowl weekend so it wont affect my skiing


Go 49ers !!!!


however  was not so lucky


Hope mine goes away too

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I got the flu, but it was the bronchitis that followed on its heels that was hard on the skiing. I only missed a day or so, but it took me about three weeks until I felt like I could get enough air into my lungs to keep the legs fueled. Best thing about being sick is how good you feel when you are finally all better...had an epic day today!

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Ain't nobody got time for dat!
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