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Salomon 2V RC

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Has anyone skied this ski? I have seen it on the Solly website and was curious. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I dont think that it has been marketed very well, i have not seen or heard much about the ski. It looks to be the same shape as the 2V that was a stock GS ski 3 seasons ago. That ski never made it to the shelf for consumers to buy, but it was the same shape and similar design to the superaxe 2V. My guess is that the equipe 10 RC is either the superaxe 2v (possibly slightly stiffer) or a ski that is going to ski very very similarly. the only thing is, is that only volkl has the rights to use RC on their skis, meaning race carve, which is what they market their skis as. I believe that they sued rossi over the use of the race carve phrase on their 9x 10.2 gs skis. Being that it says RC on it you may not find it, and if you can get ahold of one it would probably be through a salomon rep getting the ski straight from salomon. I would sooner reccommend one of their race models from either this season or last season over that ski. (last seasons slalom ski was those same dimensions)

(this is the same post as i left in the other thread that you posted in)
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Yeh sorry and thanks. Just call me the Posting Punter.
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