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first pair of boots, what to choose?

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Hi everyone,

I am currently researching and trying to pick out my first set of skis and boots to buy myself.

When I got to doing the research on boots I was absolutely overwhelmed by all the choices.

So I figured I would come on here for some help.

I am looking for a boot that will be used with freestyle skis for both park and moguls, and pretty much all over the mountain.

I would really like to keep it under 200$ which I realize is almost impossible, but I'm trying not to kill my ski fund with this purchase, it won't be fun having any boots if I can't afford to go to the mountain.

What are some suggestions that you guys have?

Any boots that I should look at in particular, or just any general things that I should look for in a boot as I continue my search?

Thanks so much for your help, I'm really kinda lost here.



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Good luck!  Boots in this price range are not worth owning unless you are a beginner and plan on remaining a beginner.


You said these will be used in park n pipe, moguls, and all over the mountain?  What boots are you currently using?  Sounds like you are a pretty good skier and this is not your first boot purchase?.... I hope you don't believe you can find a new boot in the $200 price range that will serve your needs well?



My suggestion is shop on Craig's list and find a used boot that fits (see boot fitting guidelines elsewhere on this forum) and remember the boots are your most important investment in this sport, choose wisely.

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I have only ever rented skis for the years I've been skiing and this will be my first pair of boots.
I was going to look at the local used sporting goods stores to see if they had anything that would work for me, but if they don't I guess I will need to spend more than 200$.
Let me rephrase my question, what is the best value boot? That can give me the best performance for its price.
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the best boot value is the one that fits you best.  We can't see your feet online, so have no idea what will work for you.




this might help?

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