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Fischer Alltrax 84, now known as Big Stix

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Ski Make: Fischer
Ski Model: Alltrax 84 (now known as Big Stix 84...same ski diff. graphics and upswept tail)
Ski Length: 186
Snow Conditions Used In: Windblown and scoured up bowl snow, hard to soft packed powder, powder.
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Level 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 30 years
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30-35
Other Skis You Like: Fischer Alltrax 74, Bandit X, Bandit XX, Salomon Pilot 8, Xscream 9 & Series
Your Height/Weight: 5’ 9”, 185 lbs.

Wow! What a light feeling, solid, stable ski. It could be the one ski to own as it seems to contain a quiver of abilities from the hardest windscoured uneven terrain to powder and bumps. At slow speeds it turns easily and smoothly while at high speeds it is stable and quick edge to edge. Trees were smooth and predictable. It cuts crud and holds hard snow and it even felt easier in bumps than the less wide Alltrax 74. Both the 84 and the 74 made the mtn seem smaller: I felt I was getting down faster with less effort and without an apparent sense of increased speed. A fun playful ski that can handle a huge variety of conditions and turn types. Laid back yet full of aggressive, athletic potential. I skied it at Mary Jane on good but several days old coverage: lots of wind had made the bowl pretty challenging but these guys handled at it all and made it all easy. A great ski in my book. I thought I was going to replace my BanditX with the new version but after skiing this guy I may be looking to go phatt when the times come to pop for some new boards. I'll be taking them on a cat trip next month and I expect them to shine.
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Thanks for the review. I may be in the market for a new fat ski too. Have demoed the G4 and 10EX, but have not been able to find the Big Stix 84 in a 191 to demo localy (also live in Boulder)and would really like to try these. Did you find these localy for demo? If so, can you let me know where.

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I sent you a PM. But just in case Winter Park Sports Shop demos the 191 as well as the 186. 970-726-5554.

Alpenglow in Golden as well. At least they sold them last year.

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Thanks astrochimp. Recieved and replied to your pm.
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I went ahead and bought a pair of Big Stix 84 from Tele-Pyreness with Fritchi Diamir Titanal II bindings mounted. I plan to use these in resorts for deep days and traverses, short hikes etc, and for BC Touring (just beginning this endeavor). I did have a chance to take these up for a day in spring like conditions - hard groomed, and off piste was softened by the sun with some deeper chop.

I'm 185lbs, 5'11", level 8, used downhill boots, size 181cm skis.

First impression was an easy feeling ski, but I did notice that I had to work hard at staying more forward-probably due to the bindings being level compared to normal downhill bindings. This was something to adjust to and had no real problems with that.
Ski description: Not super quick turners, but great edge hold-paticularly on steeps. I felt the nice flex underneath which made beautiful round arcs in soft stuff-that was very addictive.
On the hard groomed-there was a little chatter on some turns (outside ski)-not sure if it was due to techinique, bindings, or just that's the way it is? All in all I felt very confident going real fast.
Moguls were much easier to ski with these compare to my 191cm Fischer Mountain x downhill set-up -probably due to a little softer flex and shorter length. I felt just as stable on these, but held back a little due to my ignorance of the Diamir AT bindings which impressed the hell out of me by the way. I never came out once, and I took some air, hit moguls pretty hard, and turned at some high speeds, however I didn't feel as tight or responsive on the ski as with a downhill bindings for some reason-maybe mental. But, for what I intend to use them for they are great. I can't wait to try these skis again. I'm completely satisfied so far with my set-up and highly recomend these as versatile, lively, stable, smooth, round flexing & arcing -confidence inspiring-fun ski.
Oh and for AT- their great in deep snow becasue they have a high turned up tip to keep above the deep snow while climbing up or skiing down for that matter. Enjoy!
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