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Any Tips on Powder Mountain?

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Looking forward to a trip to powder but the place is huge! Anyone have some favorite spots here to start? I love to ski steeps, trees, and powder of course (I can take or leave bumps) thanks!
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Welcome to EpicSki!  Where else have you skied in Utah?


Might learn something from this recent thread:


Click on the Tag for PowMow (right of Post #1) and scroll down to find other related posts.


I was hoping to get to PowMow a couple years ago, but we ended up with spring conditions in mid-Feb and opted to check out Snowbasin instead.  Would like to get back there with some powder on the ground.

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Yes thanks, always prefer to explore somewhere new with an insider!
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I spent 3 days there couple of years ago...lucked out with 18" of fresh overnight one day.  To me, the fun part of powmow is you can almost point your skis any direction and have a lot of fun, so it's great if you like to explore. Biggest negative is a lot of time you end up going down the drainages on either end of the area to the very bottom and have a long,slow ride back to the top.  But it's worth it.  Some of the best runs I've ever had was that 18" of untouched powder through perfectly spaced trees, in many areas around the place.

I will say that most of the main area does not have the steeps that the LCC areas have. Never got onto onto lightning ridge so I can;t say what you'll find there.

It sounds like that guided tour is the best route. Please report back if you do!  smile.gif

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If you're going to be at PowMow the whole trip, I would definitely recommend the guided tour for first day, and that will give you a lot of info for the rest of the trip. The place is so vast, it really helps to get the lay of the land.   

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You need a guide or you'll miss the good stuff. We got Craig from ski school who knows the place with his eyes closed, but after he'd headed back for arvo line-up, we coudln't find our way back to some of the stuff he'd shown us! A guide is vital. 

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Thanks guys, definitely gonna reserve a guide for at least the first day, I don't get enough time out west to miss the good stuff!
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Good call. Pow Mow is like two different hills, the one with a guide, and without.  The mob I was with were all from ski schools in PC (DV, PCMR and Crayons) and weren't newbies at this, but we could not find the magical place in teh trees with the deep powder, we kept doing laps of where we thought we'd gone from, but it evaded us. Very frustrating. Great hill!

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I skied Powder Mountain for the first time two weeks ago. I loved the place. To get a fuller Powder Mountain experience I highly recommend taking a cat ride as well as skiing Powder Country down to the road and taking a shuttle bus back up (make sure that you ski all the way down to the actual bus stop or you won't get picked up.) The cat ride is only $18. It was well worth it as we got a run full of untracked pow even though it hadn't snowed in about a week.

Powder Mountain has gone from my to-do list to my to-do-again list. Have fun!

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So ... I'm flying out on Friday and will be staying in Eden for a week.  This is my 3rd or 4th trip to PowMow and I'm really looking forward to skiing here and across the valley in Snowbasin.  We just might check into the mountain guide - thanks for the tip.

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I'm hoping to ski Snowbasin sometime next week, never get there enough. And Clinicing at Powder Mountain on the 14th, which will be EPIC.

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