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Tremblant Lift Passes

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Last minute decision to head up to Tremblant tomorrow instead of hanging in there on the last day of a conference I'm attending in Montreal.


Just wondering if there are any ideas out there about the best place to buy lift passes and possibly save some dough.


Cheers and thanks in advance.

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Probably Costco? I recall the package sold there include ticket and meal.
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Originally Posted by jzmtl View Post

Probably Costco? I recall the package sold there include ticket and meal.

Thanks, but I checked it out and unfortunately its no longer offered!

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Maybe another hill? With the big thaw we just had I don't know if it's worth it to go to tremblant right now. Costco website has Mt. Habitant and Le Massif.
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Tremblant might not be at its best tomorrow (for sure not the powdery paradise it was a couple of weeks ago before the thaw and freeze) but it would be a darn sight better than Habitant! Tremblant does a great job of grooming and while you won't get to play in the trees and bumps, you'll at least have some decent skiing. As for tickets, sorry, I can't help.

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Is habitant bad? Only been there in fall and it looks decent.
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Skied at Tremblant yesterday and it was really nice...if you had the skis for the conditions...

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I have an unused 3 day lift ticket, comes with First Tracks pass and zip tie. It is good for any three days through end of 2013/14 season.
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