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I always seem to come here when I have a dilemma.... Keep my Blackeyes or buy some Bushwackers...

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I'm 5'8", 165lbs, own a pair of 11/12 174cm Blackeye Ti's. I would describe myself as very much intermediate on and off piste. With young kids, a lot of our skiing over the next few years is going to be a little slower and so I am looking for a fun to play on ski for the piste and maybe a little adventure off piste and maybe hit the odd jump here and there if the opportunity arrises. The Blackeyes may be a little too speed focused and not particularly playful when knocking around the slopes at slow speeds which got me thinking about the Bushwackers. The bushwackers dont have any tail rise so going backwards watching the kids may be a little trickier than the Blackeyes, but I get the feeling the Bushwackers may give more of a grin factor and allow me to go explore.... Anybody skied both and able to provide some feedback.advice. Cheers!

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You might want to consider the Nordica Steadfast.  90mm, camber, tip rocker and a turned up tail.  No metal except where the bindings mount so it's lightweight, agile, very responsive and has very good edge grip.  Before I bought a pair last year I also demoed the Bushwacker and Prophet 90.   The P90 seemed heavy and sluggish and Bushwacker, while it skied fine, just didn't me. The Steadfast was fun from the beginning and now my daily driver.  I took them to Bridger Bowl yesterday where they had 42" over the previous 3 days and skied everything from groomers to well tracked 18-20" snow to untracked snow in the trees that was probably deeper.  I  thought about taking my Icelantic Shamans but decided to only take the Steadfasts and was not dissapointed.  Another ski you might want to consider would be the Salomon Rocker2 90.  BTW, I'm pretty much your size, about 15 pounds lighter and my Steadfasts are 170s.

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I am a level 7+ advanced skier. I 'm 5'9" 200 pounds. I like trees, bumbs, bowls when I am somewhere they are available and groomers in that order. I have a dedicated powder ski for the lucky occasions that I am there for it. I skied the 2010 Blackeye (pre early rise, not exactly the same ski but very similar) in a 178 and currently ski 180 Bushwackers. I found the Blackeyes to be great groomer skis, very good in the bumps, good in choppy bowls and not so great in the trees. I find the Bushwacker to be a great bump, tree and bowl ski and good but not nearly as precise as the Blackeyes on the groomers. They are all kinds of fun, really light and easy to throw around in bumps and trees. Also except for very fast groomer carving, I don't feel I over power them as some my size have reported. I would say that these are my favorite shaped skis ever. Nothing will ever surpass my old Rossi 4S Slalom Comps but that's another a story from almost 40 years ago.

If you are looking for a great all round ski that is not overly demanding and very playful the Bushwacker is the ticket. if you want a power ski look elsewhere. BTW, while the BW is not a twin tip it does have tail rocker,I don't find slow backwards sking to be an issue with them. 

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I demo'd the rocker 2 90's a week or so ago, had  the 177's for a day, they felt just a little long for me (I know they shouldn't) but the Blackeyes' just felt more planted than the Salomons. I am guessing the Bushwackers, may be a little sharper on piste compared to the Salomons, especially if it is hardpack. 

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I would keep the Blackeyes for periods of no new snow, when scraped off groo,ers are the only option. I need to fill that category I think now. As for the Bushwacker, I also chose them out of an overwelming number of good options for our size and ability. In terms of size IMO you could go either way depending on where you ski. I am 5 5" x 155-160sh lbs skiing the NE on the 173. They would be very nimble and much more fun in SOFT snow for your size, which is where I think they are happiest. If you ski bigger mountains or out west you could get the 180, they are extremely easy to use, and make you smile in knee deep new snow.  Also our kids are spinning around to look for us now anyways, which happens before you know it since they progress so fast, so I do not mind the flat tail, although it is possible to spin on hard snow, but very tricky.

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