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I been enjoying all the posts and reading reviews on skis and instructions and I have to say this is a great community!!

I hope you can give me some advice as I just finalizing my purchase of Blizzarrd 8.0 CA 165mm and I am trying to decide on what bindings to purchase. I am fairly new to skiiing and would classify myself as a type II skier. I am 5'10" and weigh 165lbs. Over the last 3 years I had just been rentiing skis but this year I moved inito renting premium skis such as Elan Amphibio 78 and waveflex 10's. When I was using the 78 I felt comfortabe and was actually pushing myself to be more aggressive with my turns. I own Salomon CS100 boots if that information helps out with the advice!!

The shop recoomended me the following bindings:

Head Freeflex Pro 14 or the Rossignol Axial 120. Thoughts on these or any other bindings that may be better suited to me?