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I had the privelage of attending one of Volkl's 02/03 product line launches this week.

Ski Make:Volkl P50 GS, SC, Supersport 5&4 star,
Snow Conditions Used In:eastern hardpack/ death cookies
Number of Days Used: 4-6 runs each
Your Ability: ex-racer/ new coach
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:17
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:100 plus (varries per season)
Other Skis You Like: P50 F1/SL,Head WC sl, Head air head,
Your Height/Weight:6'1"/ 175lbs

P50 RC (188cm)to be skied with a motion style Piston control plate-they said they made some minor changes but to me it skis exactly like my 01/02 P50 F1. Still a rocking ski, but definalty a GS specific ski. Stiff and powerfull.

P50 SC (SL) (163cm) same binding system as above- There is alot more tip and tail to this ski for next year. It is alot easier to innitate then this years model. Tip feels a little softer then this years, but I am comparing it to my race stock version. If you like the SL this year, you'll like it even more next year cause of the extra sidecut.

SuperSport 5 Star (168cm)- Basically this is a GS ski with too much sidecut to be legal for FIS. That said it is a little soft in the tip for a GS ski, so I won't be skiing on it for next year. I don't feel it will hold up in a course. If you want a free skiing GS ski this would be one to try.

SuperSport 4 Star (168cm)- Same as above except a little softer. It also felt a little more versatile. Was nice for free skiing GS. A little slow for slalom. Perfect for instructor type short raduis.

Thats all for now I have a few more that I'll post later. Hope my reviewing skills are up to par. [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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